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Wise Fools Pub

View Map 2270 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 929-1300
Fax: (773) 929-1390
View Website
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26 Review(s) Total

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  • Kandy Jones says:
    On Wednesday 7/20/05 12:48 AM
    We live in Rockford but love to come to the Wise Fools Pub. We show up and are treated like are royalty. The owners are always present and full of fun. The bartenders are quick with your drinks. The servers are great as well,they are prompt in getting you your drinks so you don't have to miss the band or loose your spot by the stage. Thanks for the good times wise fools

  • Handy says:
    On Thursday 9/9/04 5:02 PM
    This place is the worst. I don't recommend going here.

  • Eric says:
    On Tuesday 2/17/04 2:36 PM
    good band to check out

  • Brian King says:
    On Tuesday 12/30/03 4:46 PM
    Okay, I recently went to Wise Fools on a Thursday and FREAKED OUT! They played all my fav hits! It started off with Incubus, they rock! Next, it's off to Alanis Morrisette land, my favorite and finally we came down with some Indigo Girls, thanks for a great night guys.

  • Ronnie Raviv says:
    On Wednesday 7/23/03 4:27 PM
    Oh my God, I love Fermented on Sunday nights, it's sooooo hilarious. From the air conditioning, to the comedy, Im in heaven. The comedy adventure starts with two opening groups, then topped with a delicious "scoop" of True Pilsner. I am a fan for life, by the way, check out the two chicks, not only are they hilarious, but they are hot! I have to admit there is one thing wrong with the show, my sides hurt really bad from laughing. If there are two things I love, it's cardboard, ladders, rocks, wizards, light bulbs and True Pilsner!

  • Nancy says:
    On Saturday 5/31/03 6:06 PM
    A group of us went to the Wise Fools Pub on Sunday, May 25th and what a great time we had, watching the comedy groups that perform there on Sunday evenings. The idea of comedy performing in a bar is so much better than having to deal with bands blasting their music so loud, you can't carry on a conversation - this was very refreshing! I have to say, while we enjoyed all three shows, our favorite group was True Pilsner. We laughed all the way home - 40 miles away!

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