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N9ne Steakhouse

View Map 440 W. Randolph St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 575-9900
Fax: (312) 575-9901
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  • Jac says:
    On Wednesday 1/21/09 1:57 PM
    I recently went to N9NE Steakhouse on Saturday with my boyfriend, and I was very impressed. I loved the décor, atmosphere, and vibe! The appetizers were great...rock shrimp, calamari, and stuffed mushroom caps. I ordered the lobster mashed potatoes and fillet, medium rare. My meal was absolutely delicious. My boyfriend really enjoyed the lobster bisque too. We shared the bread pudding for dessert, and we definitely cleaned the plate. The service was fabulous, and overall it was a wonderful experience. I’m definitely going to suggest it for Valentine’s Day! P.s. for an after-dinner drink, go upstairs to their cozy lounge called the ghost bar.

  • Mlle. Barron says:
    On Monday 11/28/05 1:30 AM
    A fine dining experience for people without taste; this is the secret motto of Nine. From the disco ball style motif right down to the blaring out-dated music, Nine embarrassingly flaunts itself as a chic new venue, but to anyone of sophistication, it is as transparent as the emperor parading down the street in his "new coat". Oh, yes...coats; we were not certain if ours would ever be found again, as we were not provided with a check stub for our belongings without having to leave the table in pursuit of one. The menu was misleading and unimpressive, like a Maserati hood ornament on a Mazda, featuring mediocre stuffed mushrooms touted as “perfect” and slightly tough “prime” steak. This is certainly not what one should expect at an "upscale" restaurant, paying upscale prices. The only top-notch quality of this experience was to be found in the attentive and accommodating service. Had the motto been clearly outlined in bold on our menus instead of invisibly written in code on the back, we surely would have known to make our escape before the first course. Diners beware.

  • Mr. Tatterscratch says:
    On Sunday 11/27/05 2:35 PM
    With a sense of atmosphere as empty as a cardboard prop and meals prepared with the care of a chain restaurant, Nine seems to be a place for the over-forty crowd to convince themselves they're still "with it", while spending far too much on a thoroughly average meal.

    The fare is certainly nothing that couldn't be enjoyed at home, and one could hardly make more mistakes in the preparation than the chef of Nine did himself: The filet mignon and lobster was indifferent, and the vegetables were markedly undercooked. The caviar was served on greasy, textural potato cakes that completely overpowered both taste and sensation, and the French onion soup suffered from such a sherry-imbalance that if it were a person, it would surely have been W.C. Fields. We actually sent two items back... At least the waitstaff is cooperative.

    Add to this the sham-hip decor and the jarringly out-of-place oldies music being piped in for Nine's strictly over-40 crowd and you have an accurate sketch of a slightly below-average restarant playing dress-up as a cosmopolitan dining experience with all the authenticity of a made-for-TV stage set.

    Gourmands and scenesters alike, You have been warned.

  • Erin says:
    On Monday 12/29/03 12:22 PM
    N9NE has everything we were looking for. The food was amazing, from the Tartare to the NY Strip, a total delight. The ambiance is hip and classy and the staff is attentive, knowledgable and they make you feel like you are their only customer. Who wouldn't want that?

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