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  • Mike Kahn says:
    On Sunday 11/27/05 8:30 PM
    I started going to Carm's in 1987. They have the best Italian Beef sandwiches w/ provolone and sweet peppers that I have ever tasted. I now live in Connecticut but every time I get back to the Chicago area to visit or on business I make a must visit to Carm's on Wolf road for a fix. If the Bears are in the playoffs this year I'm going to have them FedEx all the fixings to me. These people out here have no idea what they are missing.

  • Brian Muckian says:
    On Monday 11/7/05 3:50 PM
    Best beef sandwhich in Chicago & surrounding suburbs

  • Pat OSullivan says:
    On Thursday 10/20/05 7:38 PM
    HEY !!!!! I have been eating Carm's Beef all my life...I have never tasted better...I work at Ohare for United Airlines but I only work contract maintanence for Japan Airlines. Today I take 5 pounds of beef and all the fixin's to treat them to lunch. These are all people here from Japan (Home of Kobe Beef)working for 4 year stays......We eat 5 pounds in less than 1 hour 10-12 people. Many say that they have "NEVER TASTED" such beef......I wish to thank you for such a Good Day.....

  • mario says:
    On Thursday 10/13/05 2:09 PM
    CARMS IS GREAT BEEFS: I moved from chicago to san antonio texas, if you would like a good chicago beef receipe contact me

  • Sandra Savickas says:
    On Wednesday 9/7/05 6:34 PM
    50 years ago, I tasted my first Carm's Italian Beef sandwich. Now the closest restaurant is 2,000 miles from me but I would still go out of my way for a Carm's Italian Beef sandwich smothered in green peppers. With their special spices, they're simply the best in Chicago.

  • pat tucker says:
    On Thursday 5/6/04 10:29 PM
    I started going to Carms in Berwyn in the 60's. There was nothing better! Then they moved to Oak Park. Then they were gone.

  • Coupes Nephew says:
    On Sunday 2/15/04 10:28 AM
    I have an Uncle in his 70's who grew up in Cicero and remembers my Dad stopping at the original Carm's and bringing home a beef sandwich when he got off second shift. When my Uncle comes in from KC he always stops Carm's for a beef sandwich. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to go over with him.

  • Sandra H Moore says:
    On Monday 6/16/03 7:09 PM
    Carm's has the best Italian beef ever. I have tried beef sandwiches at five places and no one compares to Carms. I have not had a Carm's beef sandwich in four years but I will be having one on June 29 and I can hardly wait. I have decided that they are worth a 400 mile round trip. Inside of spending a day traveling to a shopping mall. I am going to spend a day each year travelling to Carms.

    The best beef sandwiches in Illinois and Iowa.

  • jessica morales says:
    On Monday 6/2/03 10:18 PM
    I've been to Carm's once and trust me when I say the beef sandwich was the best I've ever had, the service was awesome, it was very clean and it just had a nice comfortable feel to it, I live a little far from there but I can't wait for my next visit,I'm actually looking into having them cater my sons birthday party.

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