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Soul Vegetarian East

View Map 205 E. 75th St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 224-0104
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8 Review(s) Total

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  • Daniel B. says:
    On Tuesday 3/13/07 5:53 PM
    We had dinner on March 12, 2007. It was wonderful. We had the "BBQ" roast with mustard greens, green beans and black beans with rice along with the starter course of brown lentil soup and cornbread and all for just $11. The flavor was fantastic and very filling. Highly recommended!

  • Scott says:
    On Wednesday 1/17/07 2:28 PM
    I had an experience comperable to the others. The service was horrendous, in fact it might just have been the worst service I have ever endured. The server was completely devoid of any personality whatsoever, which I could deal with had or food not taken nearly 30 minutes (it wasn't really even busy). We ordered a juice drink, an appetizer, and two entrees. The items were brought out in the reverse of that order, with the drink coming as we were finishing our meals. That being said, the food was delicious. I had a "steak" sandwich and the fried tofu nuggets. My meat eating friend was a fan of the jerk tofu wrap. The prices were moderate and the atmosphere was pretty lame. I might go back and give it another chance some day. If you go, just expect terrible service.

  • shirley banks says:
    On Thursday 12/14/06 10:09 AM
    After years of wanting to try SVE I finally got a companion who wanted to make the trip.The drive wasnt so bad but the food was great! The're just not enough veggie options in Chicago.I will go back but must agree with other reviewers that the service is just plain awful! I went for the food but I do expect a modest level of competence in the service.

  • Rebecca says:
    On Sunday 11/5/06 10:44 AM
    The food was pretty good (I enjoyed my veggie gyro), and the prices are reasonable (for food, anyway - drinks from next door are exorbitant: my drink cost a dollar more than my meal), but this restaurant offers the absolute worst service I've ever encountered, without a hint of apology. From the time we walked in the door, it was forty minutes before we were at a table with water and menus - and there was no line, plenty of open tables. It's not worth the long trip for me, and I definitely won't go back.

  • Anne-Marie Keswick says:
    On Sunday 7/23/06 5:16 PM
    I love this restaurant. I went there on a Saturday night when it was crowded with patrons, received excellent service and scrumptious food. I'll be back!

  • Allison says:
    On Monday 3/6/06 1:02 PM
    Soul Veg is fantastic food. It is very much soul food, so don't go if you aren't ready to have some heavy food. ALWAYS get the Prince salad dressing. Be ready to wait patiently for forks, ordering, getting the check, etc. The service could use improvement. But I think of it as an opportunity to actually settle in for a long, relaxed meal.

    They do catering, too. They usually arrive late, so tell them to come an hour before you really want them to arrive. It's worth it.

  • Ellyn Barham says:
    On Saturday 12/31/05 8:07 PM
    This is the ULTIMATE vegan restaurant! I live in northwest Indiana, and every opportunity that I've gone over there was righteous! The people there create an even more warming and welcoming environment.

  • Liz Oehmen says:
    On Sunday 11/6/05 5:03 PM
    I love this resteraunt! It is only 15 minutes from my house unlike all the other vegetarian restaurants that are all on the north side. This resteraunt has good prices. I have to say the service isn't also very friendly, but the great food makes up for that, making it one of my favorite places to eat. During peak time, the parking can be hard in which i will usually park in the permit parking only area. I haven't gotten a ticket yet, so i dont know if i am just lucky or they dont care!

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