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Brixies Brookfield

View Map 9526 W. Ogden Ave., Brookfield
Tel: (708) 387-0050
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  • Julene Timbers says:
    On Saturday 7/17/10 8:26 PM
    Brixie's Rocks these days! They have the best beer selection around. And they have Live bands too! I'm gonna be there for sure Aug. 14th for the J-Walker and the Pedestrians reunion show.. Can't Wait!

  • Nunyah Bizness says:
    On Wednesday 4/22/09 7:59 PM
    Great beer selection for the area. It makes going the Map Room less attractive all the time. Decor needs help, but the new beers on tap and tastings make up for it! Good bar for beer geeks.

  • Jere says:
    On Tuesday 12/23/08 3:34 PM
    It's a dull, stale dive bar, but a decent place overall. Better than average beer selection. Domestic and imported. The staff is cool since they got rid of the one jerk. The patrons are somewhat friendly. They have recently started booking bands, which is good, but the room doesn't sound all that good acoustically. The worst thing about Brixies is the juke box. It has a run-of-the-mill selection, which is ridiculous for a digital download box! Very limited selections unless you like top 40 crap and Dave Matthews (I do not). Open late! -horrible juke box-

  • Jane says:
    On Tuesday 1/16/07 5:47 PM
    Brixie's you rock! Your cream soda is the best! Don't ever leave! Your staff is so nice!

  • Katie says:
    On Saturday 1/13/07 3:41 PM
    This is a typical local dive bar, but always a good time. The pool tables are generally available, music selection on the juke box has been updated a bit, and the staff is friendly to you (if you're friendly to them). Get a group of friends, sit around with your drinks, adn enjoy the company!

  • V.Tayback says:
    On Tuesday 8/22/06 11:52 PM
    Brixies is what it is.Lot's of very good and different beers for the beer snobs and lot's of good beer deals for the near homeless incomes.It has five pool tables with frindly players not much sharking and they also have electric and real darts which is rare these days.Some nights the joint can be hopping others it's dead but either way the serice is good.It's also open until 4am on the weekends.The crowd is for the most part cool but like any bar,once in a while there can be retard-o-montobans crawling in and around but the staff usually weeds them out.This the only bar I have ever seen with a bean bag tournaments for cash!Definetly a cool place to check out.

  • liz says:
    On Tuesday 10/4/05 4:36 PM
    It's worth checking out because it's open until 4 a.m. on weekends and 3 a.m. on weekdays. It's not horrible. The staff is in general friendly, just don't be drunk and retarded, and make sure to tip them. They have pool tables and if you hate the music they're playing on the jukebox... becuase sometimes people play nine inch nails until your ears bleed, go put your own money in and make it stop. There's a different crowd in there almost every night. And on Wednesday's they have $1 drafts. Cheap beer, and it's open late. Complain if you will, but I'll be too drunk to notice.

  • drlolipop says:
    On Monday 9/12/05 1:27 AM
    They have not had bands here in years. But there is a jukebox with perhaps the worst collection of music ever assembled, and plenty of clueless borderline redneck Caucasian suburbanites to keep the Coldplay and DMB coming just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. The bartenders are mostly a$$wipes, and the patrons are by and large rude and cliquey. A piece of Peoria right in your own backyard, lacking any cosmopolitan or bohemian feel whatsoever, like the smokiest, loudest, most obnoxious U of I fraternity brought to your doorstep.

  • Stacey says:
    On Friday 10/24/03 9:26 AM
    Big, dark sort of hollow bar that has a great selection of beer at extremely competetive prices. They don't offer music anymore, but I never went there for the bands. The staff is friendly and the owner is usually around at opening, but don't count on him to be welcoming or friendly to patrons.

    Be glad for a wide selection of beer and try their pizza-it's standard fair but hits the spot.

  • Christopher DiBraccio says:
    On Thursday 7/24/03 9:20 AM
    Fantastic bar with a great selection and atmosphere. Staff was courteous and prompt. this bar is definately one to check out.

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