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Boulevard Bikes

View Map 2535 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 235-9109
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  • tinku says:
    On Friday 1/2/09 11:32 PM
    bike or anythings which were intersting

  • JVia says:
    On Monday 3/3/08 11:03 AM
    When I first moved to Logan Square five years ago, I bought a bike here and was reasonably impressed with the shop, but over the years I've found the service to have gone completely down the drain. I don't believe the prices are worth the level of service they provide. After a few bad experiences with turn around time and repairs, coupled with friends' bad experiences at Boulevard, I will not be going back. It's a shame because this could really be a better bike shop.

  • Mr.roundstone says:
    On Wednesday 10/31/07 1:40 AM
    Best friend advice about bicycles and what bicycles are to me. Not to mention how to fix all those things.

  • Bikey Chicky says:
    On Monday 8/20/07 11:18 PM
    Great shop if you like cute guys working on bikes. They get all my business from now on... I can fix my own flats, but with service like this why would I want to?

  • jeremy says:
    On Sunday 8/5/07 12:28 AM
    I've made the mistake of going to Boulevard Bikes too many times. I'm making an effort to go elsewhere even though they are the closest bike shop to my house. I specifically arranged what I wanted repaired on my bike so that I wasn't spending more than $100. Then when I went to pick up the bike, the total cost was almost $200. The repair people didn't have any reasons for why it was so much more expensive than the price that was quoted for me. I ended up paying the $200 and leaving the shop feeling completely scammed. It's too bad. They could be such a great bike shop for Logan Square.

  • kermen says:
    On Monday 5/21/07 10:49 AM
    great shop, good parts-BUT- attitude was thick. i build my own bikes, dropped by (for the first time) for parts- told a guy what i needed and he started making faces and rolling his eyes. i asked him if something was wrong with his face, and if i was wasting his time. he told me the cost for labor to install the components would be great- i said i would do the labor myself- he said "you could" and walked away. you are 30 and woking in a bike shop dude- get over yourself. another guy quickly swooped in to kindly answer my questions and save the shops rep, in my mind.

  • ben says:
    On Thursday 5/10/07 12:36 PM
    Despite the plethora of compliments for Boulevard Bikes, I was seemingly unimpressed. I went there to check out a Bianchi bike I was interested in. The sales guys was nice enough, in his defense, he was helpful in his own right. But when I wanted to check out a larger frame size, he kind of made it sound like it would be a big deal to go down into the basement to get the bike. I mean, if i'm going to pour $650 (which is NOT cheap for me!) on a new bike, whats the deal? At that point, I knew I wasn't going to buy the bike from them. Among the shop itself, I sensed an overall aire of pretention. I don't know if it was because I wasnt wearing tight jeans, a racing cap, and driving a ten speed, but I wasn't impressed with the service or the prices and kind of thought they were jerks.

  • moss says:
    On Friday 12/3/04 1:16 PM
    I've been going to chicagoland bikeshops for 25 years and this is the only one that reminds me of the good 'ol days of people loveing bikes. not just Dura-Ace

  • bigger love warrior says:
    On Wednesday 12/1/04 4:28 PM
    Great wheel building and general repair. I go out of my way to deal with Boulevard Bikes. Personalized service and excellent prices.

    As far as prejudice against car owners. The facts are, as a non-car owner, my taxes subsidize the roads, the car manufacturers, even the gas prices. My bike does not require such expensive subsidies. I am thanked with toxic fumes and threatening driving that just is not compliant with the law. Drivers don't even know the law as well as I do, its obvious anytime I have a chance to check, they are so often ignorant and just plain vigilantes weilding a 1/2 ton weapon. Sorry, but these are just uncomfortable facts, maybe this is the prejudice you percieve (incorrectly?)

    Try and specify something beyond 'prejudiced views toward car owners' so your post does not just look accusatory and illinformed.

  • Dave says:
    On Saturday 10/16/04 12:40 PM
    Best bike shop in Chicago? Boulevard Bikes. Their prices are among the best, their service and mechanical expertise is excellent. The most important thing is that they really love all bikes, and don't look down at you for not having a cool enough or expensive enough bike. They just want to see folks riding bikes, knowing how bikes work, and happy with their bikes.

    As to the prejudiced views regarding cars... the poster is using "prejudice" as a synonym for critical in his/her post. Prejudice is when you don't like something not on that thing or person's merits or disadvantages, but out of some more irrational impulses. To be critical of cars -- which all too often unnecessarily pollute our world, poison our foreign polcy, and give us space for laziness and arrogance -- is not prejudiced. It's a pretty sound judgement.

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