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Tini Martini

View Map 2169 N. Milwaukee Ave. , Chicago
Tel: (773) 269-2900
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  • carmen olmos says:
    On Thursday 5/28/09 10:16 AM
    I had a good time.

  • bingham37 says:
    On Friday 8/1/08 6:46 PM
    Saw my first crack pipe laying in the street near this place soon after they opened for business... Not saying it definitely came from there but I've been in the neighborhood for over 10 years and it's the first one I ever saw in person.

  • Angela M. says:
    On Sunday 12/31/06 10:51 AM
    I had my 23rd b-day party here on 12/29/06 (fri). I love this place! The music was great! The drinks were good & not to metion cheap compared to other places. All of my friends liked it & danced all night! I had a ball. I had the VIP section of the club, it was very comfortable (cosy). I would tell anyone to go to the Tini Martini if they just want to have fun & chill out with some friends!!! My boyfriend said that he wants to go back & he doesn't even like clubs like that. I thank the Tini Martini staff for helping me pull my b-day party off & making it the best yet!

  • SexyK says:
    On Friday 12/29/06 1:20 AM
    I was here a few weeks ago on a Friday and had to leave. Oh my goodness, this place is so ghetto on this night. There were guys there who did not look as if they were old enough to get in. I had guys trying to feel on my butt and people stepping all on your shoes. It was horrible, my whole crew and I left and will never return. The music was horrible as well.

  • Sam A. says:
    On Saturday 7/1/06 12:08 AM
    Unisex bathrooms do not belong in a club. If you drink a lot, prepare for a long wait and a massive bladder before you relieve yourself. (guys do not like to wait in line at the restroom or anywhere else.)

  • Sophia says:
    On Friday 1/6/06 12:26 PM
    Me and my boyfriend went there Sunday night which was new years and we had a great time. The drinks were high 10$ for a blue MF. We got in for free before 11pm the club was nice down to earth and had good music. They did not open the other side but the tunes were hip hop and house good old school house I had a great time and would recommend any one to try it once. There were no fights and there a good taco joint across the street with good food if your hungry after the club. Parking was not to hard to find and its free.

  • Claus says:
    On Friday 11/11/05 1:11 PM
    Tini's is a very nice place, especially on Thursday nights. I haven't been there on weekends, but the music is very energetic and the crowd really gets into it. No people just standing around, but people were all into the music and dancing. Drinks are a lot cheaper than at more "upscale" places. Thursdays this has a nice neighborhood feel to it and makes you feel right at home the second you enter. The crowd is an intercultural mix and I think that is what makes this place so much fun. I would highly reccomend this for some good tunes and dancing.

  • Bobby Fletcher says:
    On Thursday 9/22/05 1:44 PM
    I used to love Tini's until they started charging a cover. So I stopped going there. I'd rather pay a little more and go to a real club like Vision or Sound-Bar and see talented dj's. I guess Tini's is cool if you are a gangbanger that can't afford to go to a real club.

  • zeus says:
    On Saturday 6/25/05 8:42 PM
    Friday nights used to be be real nice at tinis. The dj (a guy with dreads)was off the chains and the music was too, hip hop and reggae. To make things better it was no cover. Once the word got out they started charging a $5 dollar cover which was still a deal, but theats when the dj's started falling off and so did the music. Now they charge $10 and the d.j.'s are wack. Also, before the crowd was nice and chilled out just having a good time, now you have every thug on the northside in there giving people hard looks. They say no hats but people still come in with hats, Ive even seen people in there with wifebeaters. I brought 4 rounds of MGD's at $3 a pop for me and a friend once and tipped the bartender $5 each round., that makes for a $20 dollar tip for $12 of drinks. At most places that'll account for the 5th round to be free (on the bar) but she looked at me like ok $6 please. Tinis is not the place you want to be. It used to be, but not anymore. If you dont belive me, try it out.

  • J. Boops says:
    On Tuesday 3/22/05 3:55 PM
    This place has a reggae party on Friday nights in one side and a hip hop old school party ont he other side. The vibe here is amazing. I had no idea we were going to have so much fun.

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