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  • Emma says:
    On Saturday 1/26/08 7:02 PM
    I was at Orange this morning for brunch, and while the food was delicious, the service was quite poor. It took approx. 10 minutes to even get menus, and I asked for a water refill three times and never received it. By that point I was fed up and ready to leave.

  • Ryan says:
    On Tuesday 1/1/08 2:22 PM
    I went with my gf for brunch on New Year's Day. The service was pleasant, but it was very busy. I expected service to be a bit slow, but water took over 10 minutes to arrive and our meals easily took 45-50 minutes. The food was tasty hot from the kitchen. Either this place needs efficient/experienced management or more help in the kitchen or a bigger kitchen to handle the rush. I would go again, just not at peak times or days.

  • Joyce from Las Vegas says:
    On Tuesday 11/27/07 2:43 AM
    This is my absolute favorite breakfast place when I come to Chicago. I get my son and his friends and we feast on great tasty food, good service and lots of coffee refills. What are the rest of you talking about.......this is a fun and energetic place with lots of people enjoying themselves!

  • Jeff says:
    On Thursday 9/27/07 2:40 PM
    Yes, it's an inviting place, and our service was just fine. But creative/funky food does not equate with flavorful, well-made food. Overcooked and dry seemed to be the theme in terms of food preparation. Very disappointing.

  • Erin Brereton says:
    On Monday 4/2/07 8:19 AM
    I'm not going to argue that Orange has good food -- but it's a shame because you'll never see it before it's cold or you're starving (or sometimes, at all).

    This place has THE WORST service in the city. The last three times I've been there (on weekdays, when it wasn't busy), it's taken 20 minutes to get coffee (with refills never coming) and they've forgotten our order of frushi (the waitress once literally ran out after we asked about it with two lumps of rice with a piece of fruit on them -- um, not usually what they serve, I'd rather have just skipped it.).

    The best is last week, my friend waited 45 minutes (with only 5 other customers there at the time) and was given her bill -- but her food never came. Turns out the waitress forgot to put her order in. (I don't know how you forget about a 7-month pregnant lady, but whatever). She had to leave because she was late for an appointment and didn't get lunch that day. Ridiculous.

    It's really sad, because this place has great potential -- it's stylish and has unique items like jelly donut pancakes and pan-seared oatmeal, with good portion sizes and OK prices. I used to bring out-of-town guests here all the time.

    But the service is an embarrassment, and unless the managers change it soon, I won't be back. Don't even bother trying it -- there are plenty of brunch places down the street or elsewhere in the city that are prompt and just as delicious. I wouldn't wish that experience on my worst enemy.

  • Jane says:
    On Tuesday 8/22/06 1:11 PM
    You can go anywhere for flapjacks or bacon and eggs. (Heck, come over to my place.) But Orange on Harrison is "fantabulous" without being pretentious. The service is friendly and fun. The food is imaginative yet practical: eggs, pancakes, french toast are all the basics but taken to another level. Sweet, savory, rich - you got it. Did I mention the frushi? Ya, coconut infused rice with various fresh fruit. Oh and the juice bar? Oh one more thing: orange infused coffee! You'll go and never search for breakfast again.

  • Lauren says:
    On Thursday 12/1/05 5:01 PM
    Orange on Harrison is my FAVORITE spot on the weekends. I can never turn down the chance to go for a saturday or sunday brunch. The food is amazing.... Not your typical greasy spoon bacon and eggs... and the service is great too. I vote Orange on Harrison as the best breakfast spot in the chicago area for sure!

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