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View Map 10 W. Hubbard St. , Chicago
Tel: (312) 527-4060
Fax: (312) 527-4255
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  • Thanasi says:
    On Wednesday 2/27/08 10:34 AM
    Horrible to say the least. Overpriced, impolite service a total waste of your time. Neither the indian or the spanish food was any good. Small portions of tapas for $40 each. I dined with 6 people and paid over $1,0000. Save yourself the effort and just go to devon st. for indian food. Vermillion basically serves expensive food poisoning so if that is your cup of tea be my guest. If you do end up eating here bring plenty of antibiotics and imodium ad.

  • Sally says:
    On Wednesday 3/14/07 12:14 PM
    Chef Maneet Chauhan has done amazing things here...the food is interesting (both texturally and visually), full of flavor, and definitely the highlight of any visit to Vermilion. The atmosphere can be a little pretentious, and the service varies, but I would go back just for the food. Sweet, spicy, tangy, smoky, fruity...and always pleasantly surprising. Hats off to this young chef who is doing something truly unique.

  • Jo says:
    On Tuesday 9/12/06 5:41 PM
    Too many people miss the point here: It's not supposed to taste exactly like the food on Devon. If you want tandoori chicken, go there. Vermilion's fusion of Latin and Indian spices taste killer to me, and I like that there are shareable tapas plates to munch on. I'd would definitely recommend the tamarind shrimp, and the ginger pomegranate cocktail is worth the price.

  • S.Kahn says:
    On Saturday 8/26/06 1:57 PM
    Tacky gimmicks and cheap ingredients. The food is hit or miss. Clearly the work of a poorly informed restaurateur. Somebody is 'playing restaurant'. Great potential,but,too many illusions.

  • Mark S says:
    On Tuesday 8/22/06 8:54 PM
    I agree with's high priced and the fusion concept just doesn't work. I still can't figure out what part of any of their dishes are Latin. Go to Devon Ave instead to any number of Indian restaurants which offer better food at MUCH better prices

  • Emily says:
    On Thursday 2/23/06 1:45 PM
    In respnse to what Katy said (2/18/04 1:21 PM), Vermilion may not have been pleasing to the "pallette," or even to the painter's palette (though I thought it was a pretty enough setting), but it was definitely pleasing to the palate.

  • Tika says:
    On Monday 9/12/05 4:44 PM
    Vermilion was Awesome! The Indian/Latin fusion food is delicious! We had Bombay Frankie/empanadas/lobster/kholapur chicken and everything was spectacular! Ambience was great and I had simply mentioned while making the reservation that I was coming for my BF's bday and they surprised the both of us with a free dessert with a candle to blow out! Great/Friendly service! Highly recommend to all!

  • Katy says:
    On Wednesday 2/18/04 1:21 PM
    Vermilion was a disappointment with its overpriced, underwhelming dishes. Entrees were neither pleasing to the eye nor the pallette - plain presentation with poor textures (e.g. overcooked prawn). If I decided to try Vermilion again, it would only be for dessert and a cocktail in their lounge/waiting area which had a nice ambience. The appetizers and entrees were a waste of money.

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