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XSport Fitness (Arlington Heights North)

View Map 960 W. Dundee Rd., Arlington Heights
Tel: (847) 577-0756
View Website
XSport Fitness (Arlington Heights North) Details Find What Else Is Nearby User Reviews
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  • xpumax says:
    On Wednesday 12/1/10 10:38 PM
    The trainer/salesman who signed me up added over 5% to my bodyfat and never showed me the screen on the tester so I wouldn't know he tried to fudge the number. He had me hold the bodyfat tester with the screen facing HIM. I have had prior personal training and have used the tester many times, by facing the screen toward me and placing my thumbs up with middle fingers behind. A week later when I met with the trainer for orientation, he also tested my bodyfat with the meter. He instructed me to face the screen toward my body. The reading I saw with my own two eyes was ALOT less than what the salesman verbally told me only days before. I was disgusted that someone would try to pull something like that. I'm a healthy and fit female. I guess he had few other selling points. So, he assumed I was stupid and wouldn't know what he was doing. I was polite and didn't say anything, but I declined any personal training he suggested. BEWARE of this person. He is a heavyset African American male in his mid-30s. Otherwise he was courteous, but did not give me a tour of the gym after I declined the personal training. Also, as a sidenote, my orientation had to be re-scheduled 3 times due to poor trainer schedule organization. However, the other trainers were very nice and informative, but not pushy. They did their sales thing, but I did not feel pressured by them.

  • kelly.cartwright says:
    On Monday 10/12/09 1:08 PM
    Hi Adriana:

    Please give me a call to discuss your concerns. I would very much like to speak to you in this regard. Looking forward to your call.

    Kelly Cartwright Director of Customer Service XSport Fitness 630-556-4014

  • Adriana says:
    On Saturday 10/10/09 8:43 PM
    I went into xsport fitness recently to try out the gym. A loud and rude man with the name tag JULIO approached me very aggressively as to why I was inside "his" gym without a membership there. I tried to explain that I was interested, and without letting me even finish my sentence, he shunned me to a corner to sit at a table and wait for a half hour. To my surprise, it was Julio that showed up to give me a tour of the gym. He was rude, loud, and disrespectful. I think I am a young and fit woman, and I felt that he was trying to do more than just sell me a membership. I was so disgusted with him that I instead left the gym, refusing to fill out his paperwork. I will take my business elsewhere, I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody. Xsport should really raise their standards with who they hire to work there because he's not doing them any good.

  • Kelly Cartwright says:
    On Wednesday 9/23/09 9:21 AM
    Dear Kunal,

    This is Kelly Cartwright, Director of Customer Service at XSport Fitness. I would like to apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience that this has caused you. Please call me at 630-556-4014. I am confident that we can straighten this out to your satisfaction.

    Thanks again, Kelly Cartwright

  • Kunal says:
    On Tuesday 9/22/09 8:16 PM
    I had a very bad experience with xsport fitness. I joined them on first week of Aug. They charged me for the first month and told me that if I dont like the gym, they'll refund me everything within a month. Then after 2 weeks I told them, I want to cancel my membership. They told me to send a letter to corporate office for cancellation. Then corporate office told they can cancel my membership but they cannot refund my money as I didnot had an evaluation session. Then I called them its fine I'll continue. Then they charged me for the second month also. But after 2-3 weeks from then, they cancelled my membership. I asked them why my membership got cancelled. They told me that you only sent them the cancellation notice to corporate office. And they didnot refund me anything. So for around 1 and half month, they chahged me around $130. And they didnot allow me to enter the gym !!!!!! I really had a very bad experience with them. I want everyone to be careful. Hope no one else becomes a victim like me.

  • jerry says:
    On Sunday 8/17/08 9:04 PM
    Have been going for years. Not too crowded, except in the after-work time (when any club is crowded). Definitely the cleanest xsport location, as my job leads me to use xsports all over the Chicago area. Tony, the guy who signed me up years ago, still greets me by name. Most of the staff are friendly and helpful. Mostly an adult crowd working out there, but there are a few kids, some who are loud and obnoxious.

    Overall, this is a good club for the money. Many locations have been replacing old equipment with much nicer newer stuff.

    There are two things that could be better. First, the showers are the cleanest of any location, but Xsport overall could do better to clean the showers. Some of their cardio equipment and tvs need tweaking/repair and when you tell someone they say "ok" but don't write it down and it stays that way--again, a problem in most locations. I suppose they could also lay down the law with those some of the more obnoxious kids at the AHTS north location.

  • Chris K. says:
    On Saturday 4/26/08 10:08 PM
    I joined Xsport in AH a few months ago. I couldn't be happier. I only have 1 hand, so I had a unique situation when I joined. Danny was the staff member who signed me up. He was able to get me set up with Revo for personal training since he had previous experience with rehabilitation. I really couldn't afford the personal training, so I only went 4 times. From what I learned enabled me to set up my own workout program. I have gone from a skinny 6'4" 185 to a more lean 215 in only about 10 weeks. Very little of this extra weight is fat, nearly all is muscle. My point is their staff is great. I don't pay for anything extra now other than the basic membership. They did try to talk me into staying with the personal training, but they didn't make me feel guilty for saying no. In fact Revo and Danny both know me by name, and always make it a point to say hi to me when they see me; both of them are genuinely interested in my progress. When I see Revo in the locker room, he will always spend a few minutes talking to me. Their facilities are very good for the $. They have a pool, a hottub, a steamroom, a sauna, towel service, enough cardio machines, free weights, and weight machines (although I would like to see more dumbbells, especially 25 lbs and less). I really like everything about this gym. I am sure I could probably nitpick something, like some of the negative reviews here, but this place has so many positives, that they far outshine any unnoticeable negatives.

  • kelly cartwright says:
    On Monday 1/21/08 10:43 AM
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I want to use this venue to reach out to members or potential members should there be anything that I can assist in regarding improvements and/or making your experience with XSport Fitness an enjoyable one.

    I can be reached at 630-556-4014 or

    Thank you, Kelly Cartwright Director of Customer Service

  • kelly cartwright says:
    On Thursday 11/29/07 9:43 AM
    Dear Bret,

    I would really like to discuss your concerns. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 630-556-4014.

    Kelly Cartwright Director of Customer Service

  • Brent says:
    On Wednesday 11/28/07 7:51 PM
    I also had a bad experience. Their website and ads say "We offer a free one-week membership pass for you to enjoy at our facilities. We also offer one session with a personal trainer plus special family add-on discounts as well as student discounts."

    I went in there and got stuck getting an hour "tour" and lecture. Then when I asked for my week pass, they told me that they don't give that out. But if I wanted an extra day, he could talk to his manager and maybe they would let me try it for one more day. This is ridiculous. Bally's offers a completely free TWO WEEK trial of their gym. I'd like someone from X-Sport Corporate to contact me if they have an excuse or response to this.

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