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Buffalo Joe's (Evanston)

View Map 812 Clark St., Evanston
Tel: (847) 328-5525
View Website
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  • Dan.chris.m. says:
    On Saturday 3/24/07 2:41 PM
    Buffalo Joe's, simply the best wings ever. And this is coming from a native New Orlenian. I never thought I'd find food out here that would make me stop missing the food from back home, but these wings are truly kickin'.

  • The original bad boy playa of E-Town says:
    On Thursday 3/1/07 5:40 PM
    Second review (look at my last one months ago) I remember this....People who were anxious to take your order, know how to say your name and get you your food right and fast.

    Now I get this... People who are to busy on their cell phone to take your order or ring you up because they need to know what party they aint going to. The guy who takes my order couldn't say my name right, yet alone get my order right. I finally get my food and it tastes like where that place is going.......Please if you put the sign up HAROLD'S CHICKEN SHACK I probably couldn't tell the difference. Well except for the pricing Bj's prices are now higher for less quality and service. Ummmmm I think we all read this tactic in our history books. Well thanks Mr.Joe have fun on all your trips you take.

  • Dave says:
    On Friday 2/2/07 3:50 PM
    Buffalo Joe's kicks Buffalo Wild Wings ass. BWW is so overrated. The reason that there are so many people going to BWW is because they can get wasted while they eat there and then you can't tell how BAD their wings are. They have a lot of sauces there at BWW to choose from and they all suck!!! All you need is the SUICIDE order and you'll never go to BWW again. With the jalepeno peppers on top of the suicide wings you can't go wrong. Sweat the fat right off of you!!! I actually order the DOUBLE SUICIDE for double my pleasure. GO TO BUFFALO JOE'S RIGHT NOW!!!

  • jeff says:
    On Friday 12/29/06 12:01 PM
    By far the best wings not only in chicago but everywhere in the US. i have traveled and tried a lot of wings, but nobody can compare to Joe's sauce. If you go there get cheese fries and the sucicide wings and you will be a happier person

  • Stephen says:
    On Wednesday 12/20/06 10:27 AM
    Buffalo Joe's was my favorite restaurant when I attended NU from 1985-1989. I went there 2-3 times every week for those awesome wings and waffle fries.

    In March, I'm attending a conference in Chicago. I can't wait to get back to Joe's. Yes, that's right....I'm going to schlep into Evanston for the sole purpose of picking up some wings.

    During the past 18 years, I've been all over the country. Joe's really does have the best wings.

    PS---I found it amusing that the reviewer who commented on the "uppity" Northwestern students gave the most negative review by far.

  • kristine says:
    On Wednesday 11/1/06 1:32 PM
    all i keep hearing about is the wings, hasnt anyone had the fish-n-chips...those are the bomb. id eat a pound in no time!!

  • Neidra, Liz, Destiny, Alma says:
    On Friday 9/22/06 6:46 PM
    We are on our way out there now. in evanston. They have the best wings in chicago. also dont u like the aggressive courtesy that the order takers have. they are so geniuine. chow.

  • The Original Bad Boy Playa of E-Town says:
    On Monday 8/14/06 11:29 PM
    Been eating there stuff for years and if you've been around then you know it was even better before the owner changed his meat vendor and then went the buns. He hasn't changed his sauce too much and it's made in the basement at his own home. The only place that compares is Long Wongs in Phoenix Arizona. Both are great but there is more variety at Long Wongs I don't know where they make there sauce.

  • AL G says:
    On Saturday 8/12/06 3:35 PM
    Shut the fuck up Buf joes is the best in the fuckin country i hear u lames typing about service and northwestern students and only 1/8-1/10 of ranch sauce in the cups etc u idiots sound stupid and cheap hands down buf joes best wings in city even beats the 60 dollars a plate joints downtown and if you dont like grease etc dont eat buffalo wings u fuckin retard smfh.

  • e sekera says:
    On Saturday 3/25/06 7:45 PM
    buffalo joes on greenbay rd in evanston is the best. never had a complaint with my food. the only down side is it is pretty much a take out restaraunt they only have five stools. other than that the food is great.

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