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Beverly Rare Record Shop

View Map 11612 S. Western Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 779-0066
Fax: (773) 779-2434
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  • Tonedog11230 says:
    On Thursday 7/16/09 9:42 PM
    Beverly Rare Record Shop is the epitome that QUANTITY does not equal QUALITY. I rolled up my sleeves and dug in but, over the course of two hours, I realized, much to my disappointment, that the showroom was just layer upon layer of re-issued, water damaged and lesser known releases of multiple artists. Even at their “bargain” price of 5.00 they were pimping vinyl that would not even play without skipping on a Fisher Price record player.

    To the young collector, be very wary of this shop because most credible dealers would not even put out an album in less than very good condition unless it was RARE; Beverly Rare Record Shop has surpluses of beat up copies of MULTI-MILLION selling albums in their “non-bargain” bins; obviously they do not share that code.

    The greatest amusement I received during my time there was when I was standing at the counter and I was looking at their “RARE” inventory and, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a sign that they had posted on their wall that stated, to paraphrase, “God and our security cameras are watching you and we will prosecute shoplifters”.

    I smirked when I read the sign and thought to myself as I gazed directly into a bin of Michael Jackson “Thriller” albums that they were selling for 24.99 and I looked behind at the racks of vinyl that literally 90% of what I looked at would rate less than VG and I thought to myself, “Don’t you think that God is watching you too?”

  • Pilar says:
    On Sunday 11/9/08 11:30 AM
    It's a bit of a haul out to Beverly Records from the north side of Chicago, but it's well worth it. Friendly, helpful staff will guide you through thousands of records, players, speakers, cleaning supplies, and anything else you and your records might need, all housed in store. I've purchased records and a traveling record player from them. The player wasn't in the best condition but they completely refurbished it, now it works great! The refurbishing was done at a great price (considering all that had to be done) and was quick and efficient. The record collection is MASSIVE and many of them are still sealed, most in new or next to new condition. To say they have the best selection in Chicagoland is an understatement.

  • John Smith says:
    On Sunday 9/28/08 12:36 PM
    Beverly Records is a good store, but some of their prices are absolutely outrageous. They tried to charge me $40 for a water-damaged album just because it was rare, and $35 for an album that somebody wrote all over and was falling apart. However, they do have a pretty good selection of records, and most of them are decently priced, so check it out.

  • eliza williams says:
    On Friday 11/16/07 11:21 AM
    What a vault of vinyl! Everything our band needed was there. Jack and Joey were really nice and helpful. We will be back! Oh, and being able to call and receive our vinyl the next day---that's groovy! You can't go wrong with Beverly Records!

  • WizardGlik says:
    On Monday 4/16/07 12:49 PM
    I was in Chicago from Columbus, Ohio for a full week and I visited this store for about 2-3 hours and came away quite pleased with my purchase and the experience. First off, it is a LONG haul to the south side (total round-trip for me via the red line & bus was 2 and 1/2 hours), and I really needed to use a bathroom somewhere by the time I reached the store. The staff allowed me to use their bathroom with no problems - pretty decent if you ask me! You need to spend at least an hour MINIMUM at this place because they have tons of vinyl, but over 50% of it is pretty beaten up. The prices are $5.98 per LP, or 4 for $20 (double LPs are $9.98, a bit pricey if you ask me). They have more collectible stuff behind the counter, so ask. I spent about $60.00 and came away with all mint vinyl, with some titles going as far back as 1967! A very good place to check out maybe every other month for the stock to completely rotate. I visited about 10 record shops in Chicago over the course of a week and these guys by far had the largest collection of vinyl, so don't pass it up! Thanks for the nice shopping experience!

  • Katie says:
    On Monday 10/23/06 1:32 PM
    If I have to find something I can usually find it here. Be sure to check all records because last time I checked most were scratched. An added plus is that there is also a techno/house D.J. record shop a block away so you have 2 stores right in proximity of each other. I have to agree with Bill that the service was not so great. When I called the owners tone (who I have met before) was less than grateful. It was almost as if I was a bother. The other fellows that work there have been very kind in the past but it is very clique-y. I would not shop here unless you really need to find something. Or maybe buy it online. It is an uncomfortable and unwelcoming atmosphere in a society where you should really appreciate all record owners because they are a dying breed with modern technology. Business is hard in records so they really should be more accomodating.

  • Joe L. Maltos says:
    On Wednesday 11/30/05 4:37 PM
    To the Beverly People: You've got a great store! Although I've never gone to the far southside location, the Bridgeport location was excellent. Thanks! "Chicago's Cruisin Joe" now in Mc allen, Tx.

  • joan mc devitt says:
    On Monday 10/10/05 11:15 AM
    Talked with Steve and Johnnie of WGN and advised me to contact your store. We bought an old house in the DePaul area and found about 200 45 rpm viny and a few hip pockets in perfect condition. I believe they belonged to a DJ in the 60's. Is there a market for these unknown artist and well-known. If you would be interested to buy these I will bring them into the store. (Some have vinyl interviews along with the record). Phone or e-mail 815 467 8083. Thanks for your time.

  • Bill says:
    On Monday 6/6/05 8:06 PM
    For the person below me, boo hoo if it's on the south side. It seems like everyone ignores anything that's not in Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, or Wicker Park. Chicago isn't just made up of the north side.

    But I digress. Beverly is alright, I guess. I've been going there for five years or so, and have pretty much exhausted the store from my interests (punk, ska, pre-punk). Most of the staff (minus the Rasta guy) will ignore you if you're not over the age of fourty. It's like a little club that you're not allowed into, when all you want to do is spend your hard earned money in their store. You'd think they would give you some respect. It's sad, but it's true.

    In the last year or so, the place has gotten much worse. They don't even bother putting the records in the right slots anymore, instead just stacking them on top of the existing racks, making browsing a difficult task. And on top of that, they raised the prices of all LPs a dollar.

    To sum it up, it's not that great anymore. Especially if you're young.

  • CherryNapalm says:
    On Friday 5/13/05 10:16 AM
    It's waaaaaaay down on the southside, but if you're just looking for vinyl, it's definitely worth your while. It's not a very big store area, but I don't think I've ever seen so many records in one place. A bit overwhelming at first, but the staff take their work quite seriously.

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