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Buffalo Wild Wings

View Map 2464 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 868-9453
View Website
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8 Review(s) Total

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  • Mark says:
    On Monday 3/23/09 8:07 PM
    I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings outside of Munster Indiana.

    The greeter looked angry to have to deal with us, the waitress got us drinks and did not return for 25 minutes. The soda was watered down, and they insisted we pay for it anyway even though we had ordered $50 worth of food. We had not received our food yet after waiting 45 minutes in a half empty restaurant so we paid for the drinks and left. The manager came after us screaming, saying the food had been ready and we had to pay for it. She got the wait staff to barricade us in the restaurant. She called the police and said "you will pay or you will be arrested and you will go to jail!"

    5 police cars showed up, a clear sign that she had over exaggerated the situation. We talked to the police and they told the manager she had no right to stop us from leaving, and that diners can leave if they are unhappy with their service and no food has been eaten. The website doesn't have a customer service number, email address, or address which is a sign to me that they just don't care.

    There are too many places to get wings for less and have a better time. It just doesn't make sense to go there.

    Better wings in the Chicago area:

    The Rail The Celtic Crown Paddy O'Splaines Hub 51

  • George says:
    On Friday 4/6/07 7:55 PM
    Wings were smallest I have ever had. Price was $8.29 doz. Too high for this area. Bigger and cheaper at local bars. Waitress had attitude asking 60 year old man for ID to purchase a beer.

  • Anna says:
    On Monday 2/20/06 12:42 AM
    Comedy on Friday nights here is fun. Been to two shows so far. Good talent in Chicago.

  • Chuck U Farely says:
    On Thursday 2/16/06 10:07 AM
    Wouldn't you think a place called "Buffalo Wild Wings" would have really special wings? So did I. Wings are not all that large or meaty and are drowned in the sauce. A previous posted suggested getting the drumsticks and I agree, definitely more bang for the buck. Service is always very good though and the bartenders were cool. Lots of beers to choose from and there are plenty of TV's for the sports fans out there. Overall not bad but again, better wings can be ordered at McGee's, Bird's Nest, or Schoolyard.

  • tayo says:
    On Thursday 6/3/04 9:07 AM
    wings were great and atmosphere too, until i found a roach that crawled on my knife, on the table, AFTER I ate.

  • MIke says:
    On Friday 1/2/04 5:31 PM
    BEST WINGS EVER!!! Hooters dont have %&$# on these guys!!!

    p.s. order all drums....not much extra and worth it!!!

  • Caro says:
    On Wednesday 12/24/03 2:34 PM
    I have been to BW3s all over, mainly in North Carolina. For a chain, it's a really awesome hang out..I always have a blast!

  • heesh says:
    On Monday 12/15/03 7:52 PM
    BW3, what a bar, food is fantastic, amazing atmosphere, cute waitresses, fun is all around ya at that place!!!!!!!! HIGHLY REOMENDED!!!!!

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