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Ramova Grill

View Map 3510 S. Halsted St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 847-9058
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8 Review(s) Total

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  • Pauly says:
    On Thursday 4/19/12 10:58 AM
    HIS GUY IS A SCAMMER! A LIER! A BULLSHITTER! FOOD HERE SUCKS! GOES ON TVS CRYINGS SAYING I HAVE TO CLOSE BUSINESS NEW OWNERS DONT WANT ME HERE. BULLSHIT THE TRUTH IS TONI IS THE LANDLORD THE OWNER OF THE BUILDING, YES THATS RIGHT, HE OWNS THE BUILDING WHERE MONSTER ISLAND TOYS IS AT AND THE EMPTY BUILDING NEXT TO THEM, AND HE OWNS THE WHOLE 2ND FLOOR OF THE CHICAGO BOXING CLUB, TONI IS FORCING EVERYONE OUT HE SCREWED OVER MONSTER ISLAND TOYS AFTER 2 WEEKS THEY MOVED IN AND FIXED THE PLACE UP TONI TELLS THEM SORRY I SOLD BUILDING YOU HAVE TO MOVE. THIS GUY IS AN ASSHOLE! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND MOTHER FUCKER. Old man Greek Toni is the owner of the whole building, he is losing money like crazy every week! He can not afford to keep the building, Chinese buyers can not get loan for building because bank appraised building $200,000 less. Ha ha ha aha Toni, you are screwed! Toni is going to look like an idiot after going on all this tv news when he cant sell his building. Now he is telling everyone end of april, nothing is going to happen at the end of april Toni! you are full of shit!

  • Dexter Johnson says:
    On Saturday 2/24/07 1:43 AM
    Don't be afraid to ty the liver and onions. This grill is a great place to go before a Sox game, and you won't even think about paying ballpark prices for food! The Ramova is straight out of 1929 and is just a wonderful place to time-travel. When I come here I'm already planning my next visit.

  • lambo says:
    On Monday 2/13/06 9:56 PM
    Ramova Grill is it! The best chili in the world. I've been going there for 37 years and is still the same family owned business that takes pride in the food and service. Tony the owner is the nicest guy in the world. Ask for steak and eggs and you won't be sorry. Yummy. This chili has traveled to Chicago to Michigan, Indiana and Florida for family and friends. RAMOVA GRILL FOREVER!!!

  • Boris says:
    On Thursday 2/2/06 4:05 PM
    I am a chili aficionado from way back, and I have to say that the Ramova's chili is truly one of the best I've ever tasted. Whenever I visit Chicago, I make it a point to stop in to the Ramova Grill and get some carry-out containers of chili to take back to Michigan. The White Sox and Ramova chili -- a championship combination, and only in Bridgeport!!!

  • Megan says:
    On Tuesday 12/13/05 3:35 AM
    You walk in and its a throw back in the WAY BACK machine!! You want a greasy it is my friend in all of its glory!! Sit in a booth or at the table and get a cup o' joe while you watch your order cook up with the rest of em'!! This is the best place on EARTH!! Look here yuppies, yeah I mean you guys with your 1 mil. and up homes...leave this place alone will ya. Leave us ONE thing left in our neighborhood that you have STOLEN!!

  • Maureen says:
    On Thursday 11/10/05 5:13 PM
    Just so everyone knows, we are working on a campaign to save the Ramova Theater (a few doors south of the Ramova Grill). Please go on-line to sign our petition and get additional information. Btw, Healthy Foods is alive and well! I really don't think there were any droppings at all, just the edge of development (go see the rest of that block to see what I mean). The Grill's chili is AWESOME! Viva La Ramova! M-

  • louis argo says:
    On Wednesday 11/9/05 7:45 PM
    It is the best! I lived in Bridgeport. My Mother Grew up at 3555 S Lowe Ave as a child and played with Daley as a kid. I would be not a Blues lover if I didn't like the Ramova, when I go to Chicago I will always stop there. Former Brideport resident

  • Andrea says:
    On Saturday 4/2/05 12:56 PM
    The Ramova Grill has the best chili. Be sure and take your BEANO. The RG has friendly waitresses and a very attractive cook. It's right near all the good shopping on 35th & Halsted. A good place to go for a "hot plate" meal and the prices are great. Now that Healthy Foods is closed because of mouse droppings (non-computer), it might be crowded so prepare for a long wait for a 50's style booth. It's very clean and looks the same as it did when I was a kid in the late 50's. Yuppies...stay away. Paleeeeeeze.

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