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Kinetic Playground

View Map 1113 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 769-5483
View Website
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23 Review(s) Total

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  • Steve Warrenfeltz says:
    On Friday 10/1/10 4:02 PM
    It is true that Zeppelin went through Chicago on four tours of the US during 1969, however, the shows were as follows in order of appearance: (1) 2-7&8-69 Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Vanilla Fudge (2) 5-23&24-69 Illinois Speed Press, Pacific Gas & Electric, Led Zeppelin (3) 7-18&19-69 Litter, Savoy Brown Blues Band, Led Zeppelin on Friday ... on Saturday, Litter did not perform ... Jethro Tull was listed as the "special guest star" for each night and I can't remember if they went on before or after Savoy Brown (4) 10-19-69 Lighthouse, Santana and Led Zeppelin doing an afternoon and evening show. I didn't make the Vanilla Fudge show but was at the other three shows and went both nights for the July stay over. I also was at the Who and Kinks and Liverpool Scene show on October 31 ... Uncle Aaron as we loved to call him had made an announcement that night that the Who would be coming back in November after the Iron Butterfly show, however, the Kinetic experienced a fire in the sound and light control room that was suspended from the ceiling of the playground, either during, or right after the Iron Butterfly set, and the Kinetic closed down for about a year or so. I went to a couple of shows there after they reopened (Wishbone Ash ... Barnstorme) but it wasn't the same. The vibe had been lost forever.

  • Bruce Gale says:
    On Tuesday 6/22/10 2:31 PM
    In late August, 1969, I saw Johnny and Edgar Winter, Isaac Hayes, and Steve Miller. The Winter band and The Steve Miller Band jammed past 2:00 AM by which time I was deaf and stayed that way for days. The maple floor and the curved roller rink walls multiplied the sound, making it excruciatingly intense, more so as the crowd thinned. Great night!

  • Hynek Dvorak says:
    On Monday 6/7/10 12:30 PM
    I'm too young to have seen anyone at the Kinetic Playground, but have talked to several people who saw Zep there during one of their four tour stops in 69. Did anyone see King Crimson supporting the Who?

    Doc Janos, did you ever find your slides from the Fudge/Zep/Tull show? I would love to touch base with you. I'm at

  • Doc Janos says:
    On Friday 4/10/09 11:19 PM
    I too was there on some of the key nights like going to see a band that had a hit album, Vanilla Fudge. I balked at the $5 ticket, but at least there would be two backup bands. I sat right at the front [even had my camera--somewhere will find those slides]. the first band was Jethro Tull. Second billing was Led Zeppelin. By the end of their set I had to be peeled off the floor along with the other 300 folks or so [yes, only 300]. I felt sorry for Fudge--after 2-3 songs the place emptied. How do you top Tull & Zep? A few weeks later Tull and Zep were back with them 2nd and 3rd respectively plus a local band, Illinois Speed Press, to open--again $5 and you could stay for both sets if you'd like. Between sets Aaron Russo made an announcement, "Normally we don't mind you staying for the second set but we've got a problem tonight. There are a lot of folks waiting to get in and we're full. If you've had enough great music maybe you'd give them a chance." We walked to the door and saw that Clark St. had been taken over by thousands wanting in.

  • Robert Teitel says:
    On Friday 4/10/09 8:14 PM
    Got to see Led Zeppelin there 4 times plus the great concert with savoy brown and 'new comer' Jethro Tull. As a Detroit boy I loved it cause it reminded me of Russ Gibbs' Grande back home. Chicago was blessed to have a promoter and showman in Aaron Russo.. just awesome.

  • Airedale Clowns says:
    On Friday 3/20/09 11:16 AM
    Wow! I remember going to this place in the late 60's. It was a wild ride for a kid under 17. One concert I got to go backstage with some friends to see Led Zeppelin (didn't talk to them because I didn't want to be seen as a groupie) and was able to sit right on stage for the concert. If my parents had known what went on there I wouldn't have got out the door.

  • Theron Moore says:
    On Sunday 1/27/08 5:15 PM
    Pat Helsel -- if you're still out there, i'd love to see the footage you shot inside the old kinetic. shoot me an e-mail, maybe we can work something out. Theron Moore --

  • Joe Falco says:
    On Friday 11/9/07 6:27 PM
    This was THE best place ever. If you all remember, it was originally called " The Electric Theater" Reflecting on this place just makes you smile. The strobe lights, the meditation booths, great balcony and THE BANDS.WOW amazing Bands. You could walk right up to the admission window the night of the concert, for $5, pay it and walk right in and to the front of the stage. One night I remember seeing Led Zeplin, Savoy Brown and a special guest star that nobody heard of just yet,... Jethro Tull. ALL in the same night! The people in the audience?.... hippies.... yep.. we sure were. We were all amazing and loving every second of it.

  • Sue Miller says:
    On Tuesday 10/23/07 3:15 AM
    Now that we've lost Aaron Russo, a great man and a true patriot, who brought the greatest music to Chicago for five bucks admission..I feel truly fortunate to have been a part of it, and am sad for this generation because I don't think they have what we had.

  • Pat Helsel says:
    On Monday 8/13/07 1:06 AM
    Damian Paul, if you're still out there, I'd be interested in communicating with you and others concerning the KP. I managed to get in while Rainbo was moving out & gave myself a tour with a camera & camcorder. Took some pictures & grabbed some pieces of facade. Alot of people thought the rink was the place, but actually the much smaller room at the front with the ceiling hub. Let's talk. Pat

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