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Chicago Music Exchange

View Map 3316 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 525-7773
Fax: (773) 525-2775
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  • Roxy says:
    On Thursday 11/18/10 11:04 PM
    This place ROCKS. They guided me to a used SG that ended up being perfect for me, but it was the personal time they spent with me and the time I spent checking out all the guitars I wanted to in a private sound room that really sold me. Recommend you go and see for yourself. And there's some cool customers too!

  • peter muraglia says:
    On Tuesday 10/14/08 9:38 AM
    Went to CME great experience. Wanted a LP Custom silverburst 79-85 I looked all over the internet ebay and called other dealers who had one to get there price. CME had a 85 burst went in great place to play loved the guitar all age correct able to verify with internet help. Scott the owner great guy listened to me about the price and we worked out a price that was very comparable to the other prices I was quoted and seen on ebay. Nice thing here I was able to hold and p[lay the guitar so the extra chicago tax was well worth the price to hold and play the guitar. Never know what you are getting if you cant play the guitar. Scott set up the guitar new strings let me play it to make sure i wanted the guitar played all the amps old and new even the little smokey amp this guitar sounded great. Was not rushed let me play as long as i wanted any amp to make sure. So if you are looking for a great guitar go to CME just do your homework. Remember play it befour you buy it..

  • Conrad says:
    On Tuesday 8/12/08 12:40 PM
    Great selection and great service. WOnderful array of guitars; among the best I have seen around the country. My only complaint, which is very important, is that they do not normally have a return policy - store credit only, and for one week's time. I can see this as making sense for the selling of vintage guitars and some used equipment, but for new stuff, this is rather untenable in the competitive music marketplace with all the music "superstores" around. I would shop there more if they had a regular 30-day policy that is the standard in the market place. Other than that, they are really great and work hard to help you find what you need.

  • Chris says:
    On Thursday 12/21/06 11:12 AM
    Buy low, sell high....sounds like good buisness practice to me. Otherwise how do they stay in buisness? Buisness 101 lesson 1; ALL buisnesses are in the buisness of making money FIRST. That being said everytime I have been in the store they have been great.

  • john myers says:
    On Friday 12/16/05 11:12 AM
    CME is one of the best guitar shops I have been in across the country. I have made many purchases and traded for others, always at a fair value. But playing my vintage Martin Electric is worth all the time and effort in the world. Thanks to CME.

  • Bob Harley says:
    On Sunday 9/25/05 3:40 PM
    wow man it was i could relly relayt to the gys ther. they were super cool to me and they will truly give you an unbelievable deal for ther guitars and tour guitars

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