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Tatu Tattoo

View Map 1754 W. North Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 772-8288
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  • RW says:
    On Sunday 9/2/07 7:18 PM
    In 2005, Su Houston tattooed by back. Despite the stress I was experiencing at that point in my life, her demeanor and artistry were a bright light. I looked forward to each session it took to complete the piece, and everytime I see it, it reminds me of the fun sessions and quality work. People are always asking me where I got the tattoo done, and I proudly refer them to Su Houston at Tatu Tattoo!

  • Allison says:
    On Friday 8/24/07 1:27 AM
    Great shop with friendly workers. Very reasonable prices and Rebecca did an amazing job. if you want good color work go see her

  • Erik says:
    On Wednesday 8/15/07 6:16 AM
    amazing artists and incredible shop. I don't think I have ever been more impressed with a business in my life. I went in wanting identical tattoos with my cousin and got better then I thought we would. The picture Nex drew up was identical to the picture I gave him and it was a very reasonable price. It took about 3 hours in all to get both done but that was just because my cousin was in a bit of pain. I will never get work done anywhere else. If you want a safe bet for a amazing tattoo and are looking for a reasonable price then this is the place for you.

  • Shotz X2 says:
    On Sunday 8/5/07 9:59 AM
    Love It! I got matching tattoos with my cousin, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought, and they are beautiful. They made us very comfortable, chose this over other tattoo places based on online reviews, thought I would follow up!!! Eric and Su did our tats and though I am sure they are all wonderful, Eric/Su were really awesome, quick and precise. They were identicle regardless of artist. Prices are reasonable/cheap.

  • al says:
    On Wednesday 8/1/07 12:55 PM
    I walked in without an appt wanting a (what I thought was) simple tattoo -- 3 initals on my wrist -- Rebecca greeted me and said she could do it no problem --She assured me after I questioned her a couple times that the tat was straight, and well now I have a shody crooked tattoo -- I called the manager a week later (I let the tat settle in my skin just to make sure I wasn't seeing things) and he had me come in and was very nice and is now going to repair what Rebecca did. I fault myself for not doing more research, but I trusted that Tatu Tattoo wouldn't hire less than stellar people. Bottomline: Don't get a tattoo by Rebecca at Tatu Tattoo.

  • holliwood says:
    On Sunday 7/22/07 11:13 PM
    I truly can say that tatu tattoo is one of the best shops I've ever had work done.and I'm not just saying that because my soul mate Nex works there I've never been so at peace walkin into a place the staff is awesome and top of the line Artistry

  • Mike Garza says:
    On Friday 6/22/07 12:13 PM
    My wife and I stopped in to have some work done. The shop is very laid back and the staff is very friendly and professional. Great environment.

    Su Houston and Marci were our artists. Marci worked with my wife and did an excellent job helping her with her design and getting it in place. Su worked with me and was awesome as well. They were receptive to our designs and took the time to make sure they were exactly what we wanted and where we wanted. Their work was outstanding.

    We will definitely be going back to this shop to see Marci and Su. If you are getting your first tattoo or looking for a shop to do some work. Tatu Tattoo is the place to go.

  • DaManwitDaPlan says:
    On Friday 5/18/07 12:15 PM
    I don't know what 'FH' is talking about. I've been to Tatu Tattoo on various occassions. Both my wife and I have gotten inked by the incomparable Su Houston! She customized a rough idea/design that I talked with her about. Her design was beyond what I envisioned and I'm totally happy with the end result. Sue makes you feel at home, she's funny, entertaining, takes her time and pays great attention to detail. I'm planning my next one soon and don't plan on looking elsewhere for who will do it.

  • Matt says:
    On Tuesday 4/10/07 2:38 PM
    I went to tatu tattoo for a leg piece. Nexito was an artist that a number of my friends had work done by him. I gave him two pictures of a drum and a pair of sticks, and told him I wanted some fire behind it. It came out amazing. I was nervous as hell but he's was cool as hell, kept me calm, and it wasnt too painfull. the ink came out amazing. the flames are the best part, he worked his ass of like he was putting it on one of his good friends. Clean shop, great people. Nex, you kick ass man!!

  • Rachel says:
    On Saturday 3/31/07 4:22 PM
    3-28-07 I went to Tatu Tatto with my mother, of all people. The staff was friendly, the studio was clean, and they made us feel at home. It was my first tattoo and my mother's second.

    I had the pleasure of Eric tattoing me- small sort of art deco design on my right forearm. He was hilarious and managed put me at ease right away. He made some great suggestions regarding the size and color of the design that ended up being total perfection- I am madly in love with it. Eric's work speaks for itself. The piece is bright aqua with no outline and it is crisp and sharp. The color is bright and even and simply stunning. Eric is a real talent- gentle as a little lamb with the mouth of a sailor and an eye for the complete aesthetic of the tattoo. I plan on going back to him quite regularly.

    My mother was tattoed by Su Houston. A 4x5in b&w pheonix on her hip. Ms Houston is charming and gregarious. She made jokes, answered AND asked questions, and gave really wonderful aftercare instructions. Her work is also phenomenal. She spent a full hour sketching out the details of my mother's tattoo and the end result is stunning.

    This studio is a real gem. Clean, professional, but still fun with incredibly talented artists that take their jobs seriously- but not too seriously. I've already run out of business cards to pass to my tattoos many admirers.

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