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Middle East Bakery and Grocery

View Map 1512 W. Foster Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 561-2224
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  • Lawrence says:
    On Thursday 8/13/09 2:30 PM
    Good selection of Levantine staples, as well as some Balkan and Turkish items. Excellent hoomis and other prepared items in the refrigerator, and good felafil sandwiches etc in the cookshop. I depend on this shop for homemade tahini, far better than the factory stuff, and various canned goods are far cheaper here than in standard grocery store. I've been a customer here for over a decade, making weekly visits from the suburbs, and have always been greeted warmly. None of the anonymity and indifference that I meet elsewhere. My favorite place in Chicago.

  • kyle says:
    On Thursday 1/5/06 12:18 PM
    I come from Detroit which has one of the largest middle-eastern populations out side of, well, you know, look into Dearborn and you'll see, so I think I had my hopes up a bit. Ever since I moved I’ve been more then a little bit desperate for some spices and groceries staples; so I took a trip out there. Now I will say it's not that bad it did have a lot of stuff that is flat out not in any old grocery store, pita and hummus, cardamom spiced nougat, some rare spices even ghee. But, I wanted to see in-house pita, the type that’s still warm when you buy it and while there were spices there were not a lot to choose from. Not to sound overly critical but I didn’t see assortments of pickled vegetables or bins of beans, wile the beans were there they packaged and yet again there just wasn’t the selection. So wile my quest for a grocery like Dearborn’s is still on this is the best I’ve see chi town offer up and really how can you go wrong with a falafel sandwich and some dried mangos.

  • Evan says:
    On Tuesday 11/29/05 1:29 PM
    Hands down, the best hummus in the city. This unassuming grocery store is loaded with all kinds of authentic middleastern treats, all extremely fresh and packaged for the taking. Baklava, baba ganoush, hummus blended with any spice you can imagine, figs, it's all there. If you need a quick snack, their $2.50 falafel sandwich is a great buy.

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