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Amaranth Books

View Map 828 Davis St., Evanston
Tel: (847) 328-2939
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  • iwwnxhi says:
    On Thursday 1/24/13 10:15 PM
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  • hhawmztq says:
    On Wednesday 1/23/13 6:57 AM
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  • ziydtxikzpi says:
    On Tuesday 1/22/13 4:07 AM
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  • Savvi says:
    On Monday 1/21/13 4:39 PM
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  • Rob Miller says:
    On Thursday 1/20/11 12:22 AM
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  • Billy says:
    On Tuesday 9/7/10 1:13 PM
    This store was great! I found 3 things that I never thought I would find. And the owner was able to find me a very rare book that I have always wanted at a great price. He was the sweetest man to me. I dont' see him as being rude at all. He is quiet and reserved, but never never rude. Because he is not bubbley, you may take it the wrong way. But don't call him rude!

  • Sue says:
    On Wednesday 2/24/10 2:17 PM
    I just read some other reviews, and my impression is that this owner would NEVER throw a book around unless he is tossing it out. As for handicapped people, perhaps the handicapped person is generalizing based on one incident which is not described, and if it were, its objectivity could be questioned.

  • Sue says:
    On Wednesday 2/24/10 2:07 PM
    I was walking in Evanston while waiting for a friend to finish their appointment. I thought I'd go to Borders, but only generally knew where it was. I was near the YMCA and turned east on Davis, a block north of the Y.

    When I saw this bookstore, I decided to take a look. I spend about 2 1/2 hours there and ended up with 3 books. All the books I looked at were just about in pristine condition (they can't all be pristine, because they are "used). For sure their insides were.

    There were some quite unusual Bibles, evidently not RARE, but unusual, such as beautiful Revised Standard Version in a handy size with black bonded leather and gilt edges, and a wonderful New Jerusalem Bible in a size that opens great for reading as it was wider than it was high. And so on.

    And the store is clean, orderly, quiet, peaceful. I was left alone to browse, so I had time to carefully pick my books.

    If you are looking for something on a used book website, you might also contact this bookstore to see if they have it first. If they do have it, you would get a book in great condition.

  • Aaron Baker says:
    On Friday 7/11/08 1:24 PM
    Small but excellent used bookstore. Literature and history are strengths. Not a lot in Classics (i.e. Greek and Latin), but you'll occasionally find something very good in that area if you're attentive. I also don't recognize the hostile, rude invididual that some posters have mentioned above. In my experience, the owner's reserved but unfailingly polite. Also, the books tend to be in very good condition.

  • Yink says:
    On Monday 4/14/08 5:20 PM
    I don't recognize the proprietor from the descriptions posted on 8/13 and 8/14. I visit this store frequently and have nver seen the proprietor behave in any way that could be called rude or insensitive. (He is more formal than would suit some people's taste, I would grant.) And where in the world did they get the bit about "bent covers"? The books in this establishment are in excellent shape.

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