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View Map 2247 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 549-5884
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  • meagan says:
    On Friday 4/3/09 2:59 PM
    They advertise $1 drinks on friday. Most people are like "Yes!, That's amazing" than you get there and there is either a $5 or $10 cover, than an additional $4 coat check. And you HAVE to do the coat check! Nice place, nice people, yet over priced and do false advertising. I miss the pole too they used to have in there. What happened to that??

  • allie says:
    On Monday 6/23/08 1:47 PM
    absolutely awful. the staff was braindead, a bartender lost my id and credit card after i closed out...she dropped it in the cleaning tank, and haven't heard anything from the bar about my stuff yet. it sucks that I live right across the street from the place, but also amazing because when I walk by I make sure to tell people NOT to go in there.

  • Dee says:
    On Tuesday 12/25/07 1:53 AM
    Went there last weekend. Had a lot of fun. People, your night is what you make of it. If you're grumpy going in, you'll be grumpy going out. Overall, its turning into one of my fav places with a wide range of music, good drinks, and a very friendly staff(imo). Yes, they have a coat check in the basement, and yes they do have an ATM inside now. Someone said they paid 6-7 for a Jameson and Coke, yes this was true...but we hit Barleycorn before this and it was the same. So basically, if youre going out, expect to spend cash...common sense.

  • Evelyn says:
    On Monday 4/23/07 10:40 AM
    An awful place; don't waste your time or money. We went there for a friend’s birthday party this Saturday who reserved a table for her birthday and was told she'd have the table the entire night. Before midnight a bouncer approached us and told us that if we'd like to keep the table we would have to buy a bottle. Being a big crowd, we said "No problem." But once 12:30 came a gentlemen by the name of "PJ" approached us and asked us to leave the table. He was so rude and didn't even offer us to buy the bottle or give ANY explanation. He ended up giving the table to another group (who did not buy a bottle) and needless to say the waitress was furious at her missed sale. After that incident we left and are definitely not going back. Note to the owner(s): It doesn’t matter how much you remodel the place if you don’t change employee’s attitudes, forget about people going there.

  • Natalie Nunez says:
    On Tuesday 4/10/07 10:44 AM
    Although it's a lot of fun, it's definitely too expensive. I've spent half as much on the same quantity of alcohol and had just as great of a time. Expect to spend a LOT of money here...

  • Josh says:
    On Sunday 4/1/07 1:03 PM
    Not worth it. MaxBar had nice staff (IMO) but there were some major drawbacks.

    First, it was too expensive for Lincoln Park. Although the cover was a reasonable $10, a Jameson and coke ran me between $6-$7 dollars each. You'll probably be visiting the ATM down the street (none inside) at least once before you leave. And you better make sure they remember you before you leave.

    Second, the atmosphere was lacking. The place was just too narrow to be comfortable, which results in very little room to dance and even less room to move around. The DJ and music were also mediocre. There was nowhere you could escape to if you wanted to have a good conversation. Plan on yelling loudly into his/her ear, even in the lounge spots.

    One good thing about the bar was that (although not mentioned to me on the way in) they have a coat check for $3 near the bathrooms in the basement. A feature that can sometimes be hard to come by in Lincoln Park.

    If you want to have a good time clubbing don't do it here. Ask around and get some better advice. Moving closer toward downtown is probably a safe bet.

    If you're trying to make the best of the situation, I'd say leave MaxBar and head down a couple doors to The Apartment (above Lion's Head Pub) for a fun time.

  • tina says:
    On Tuesday 11/14/06 1:36 AM
    We had a blast and we LOVED the music videos! It was so fun to have the visual with the beats, a really cool touch. This is our new favorite spot!!

  • Jadenlie says:
    On Saturday 4/15/06 9:12 PM
    I recently visited Maxbar, as I was a usual before the club was revamped. I must say that the place has completed a much needed transformation.

    The entire enterior has been gutted and replaced for dark wood. There is plenty of seating to go around as the front bar has been complimented with large tan leather booths and tables. The back room is is just as beautiful sporting another bar, more seating and a small dance floor in the far back. The upstairs bar is still open and provides solid drinks to the heart's desire. A new addition to the scene is a private booth that sits like a balcony above the DJ booth. This can be reserved for private groups when requested in advance.

    In all, Maxbar is "the" new hottest place in Lincoln Park. The staff is new and so is the management. Who says that old dogs can't learn new tricks? So, I would advise everyone to come to the new and improved watering hole.

    If there was a kitchen, it would be the "Bella Lounge" of Lincoln Park!

  • johnnyjigolo says:
    On Saturday 4/15/06 6:46 PM
    the nicest club i seen in all of chicago!

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