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Riccardo Trattoria

View Map 2119 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 549-0038
View Website
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7 Review(s) Total

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  • Saad says:
    On Sunday 5/20/12 11:52 AM
    Disappointing...I got sick after leaving this restaurant on Mother's Day. Sent them an email and to-date have received no reply.

    ...I was at your Restaurant on Mother's Day, which started out very nice.

    We were there around 2pm and had your appertizer for 2 and I had the veal saltimbocca. When the dish first arrived I mentioned to my husband that it didn't look right and tasted wierd. I ate it anyway. I arrived home only to spend my evening throwing up OIL ! Globs of OIL!!! I have the picture to prove it. Your veal was saturated in OIL. HORRIFIED ! This was the worst experience I have ever had dining out.

  • Anand says:
    On Monday 7/20/09 9:01 AM
    i liked Ricardo's. Good food, wine, and neighborhood.

  • Richard says:
    On Tuesday 8/5/08 6:58 PM
    We first went to Ricardo's when Bon Appetit recommended it. It was fabulous!! But, a year later the food was fast food quality!!!! Wont give it another chance :(

  • Gym Boy says:
    On Wednesday 12/19/07 8:32 PM
    well, let's be frank here. this restaurant is not Bice. Altho there are some good dishes, like the pasta, mainly, many of the meat dishes were over-salted, like the tripe, and when asked to correct it, the chef told me it was perfect. The service was spotty and often with an attitude. The tables are small and crowded, often noisy. With the ample number of good Italian restaurants in Chicago, I would put this one about midway on my list.

  • Jonny Volk says:
    On Monday 10/23/06 10:32 PM
    Italy has officially moved to Clark Street! My family takes trips to Northern Itay every year and every time we go we realize that as wonderful as our local Italian favorites are, including Bice and Trattoria Roma, there's just nothing quite like eating in an authentic trattoria in Italy. Upon out return home this year, we were decisively proven wrong upon discovering Riccardo Trattoria, after our friends at Bice told us that Riccardo (who used to be the head chef for the Bice chain) opened up a place of his own.

    Sure enough, with all the wonderful Italian restaurants there are in Chicago, Riccardo Trattoria stands alone in that by the end of the evening, you'll realize that the only difference between eating at this upscale trattoria and one in Italy is that you'll arrive home without an extra stamp in your passport.

    If you have not yet been there, guys, it's a great place to take a date without breaking the bank.

    Everything on the menu is superb (I've never been disappointed here), but the veal ravioli, the penne arrabiata or the orecchiette with wild boar sausage are truly outstanding. How Riccardo can make so many things so rich and yet so light is mindboggling to me.

    And for dessert...chocolate fans will adore the Cioccolatissimo with vanila coulis and if you love gelati, you must try the hazelnut.

  • Vittorio Paternostro says:
    On Saturday 10/21/06 11:34 PM
    We just went back from Trattoria Riccardo and we aren't so satisfied. Parking almost impossible. Valets (8$) go to park running on unobserved streets. We reserved but we waited 1 hour before been seated. Service is very slow and distracted. They forgot all the time to remove dirty plates, to bring water, etc. Food: I'm Italian, and expert of Italian cooking, so I can really tell you. Complimentary bruschette were really bad, the bread was fusty. The supplementary bread they brought was very good and fresh. the antipasto misto was good (fresh pecorino cheese great, it was really original). Ribollita was very good, but it has 2 pieces of the fusty bread.. Fettuccine with lobster: lobster was good but too much spicy, and a good Italian cook should know that good fish is killed by too much red pepper! Orecchiette with cinghiale (wild boar) no good. Orecchiette (as linguine were fresh and good) but the sauce really bad, not fresh made, too bitter and full of oil. You couldn't really recognize the flavor of the boar (which I know well). I've been in a couple of better Italian restaurants in Chicago. (obviously I'm not going to make advertisement for them, it is not my interest.)

    Vittorio Paternostro Chicago

  • Wardenaar says:
    On Wednesday 4/12/06 11:34 AM
    This is a very good Italian Restaurant. You can come in and take your time to eat. The food is rich in flavor. There is just one 'problem': the menu is too good so it is hard to choose!

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