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Oyster Fest

View Map 2000 W. Roscoe St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 868-3010
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  • oobkbux says:
    On Wednesday 4/25/12 12:29 PM
    Af6JBi whcykymzwfkm

  • pefyrnb says:
    On Tuesday 4/24/12 6:16 AM
    RUqwJl irecydhdbsll

  • Rodrigo says:
    On Tuesday 4/24/12 2:48 AM
    He did his biometrics back in July, and NOW I unsntdraed why you need to go to New Orleans. That makes sense. (We live very close to the biometrics place, so it's not a big deal.)We've heard nothing. I thought for sure we'd get an RFE for sending in printouts of our taxes instead of official IRS copies, but nope, nothing.I haven't even bothered to call. It's out of the six-month time frame, but when other people have called (per various websites that deal with this), they've been told that VSC is processing April 4th (that was the answer for the entire month of December, no matter when people called), and that they should wait X more months to open up a service request.When he had to go to Korea for a business trip, he brought his extension letter and had no problems getting back in, but we just want this to be over with, you know? And it seems like if cases at CSC are being approved in less than half the time of VSC, perhaps some of VSC's cases need to be transferred to CSC.Seven months as of tomorrow. And the wait goes on.

  • NATHAN says:
    On Saturday 9/6/08 8:21 PM
    OYSTER FEST MY ASS! Aside from that lame surfboard picture guy (which this festival did not include thank God)most of these neighborhood festivals rock. Granted its the same merchants, same beer and sangria. Same 80's cover band that semi/fully-rocks, but its always good times. With that said, this Oyster Fest sounded like a pretty cool opportunity to break the mold. I love oysters, Guinness is fucking awesome...right? So heres the deal...THERE IS NO OYSTERS!!!!!! If you have been to any of the above mentioned festivals you can picture how many people showed up for this thing. THERE IS ONLY ONE SPOT SERVING OYSTERS!!!!! No problemo if you want to wait for 45 minutes to an hour. Look, I'm not trying to be a tampon but if your are drawn to this event because of the oysters you will be very disappointed.

    Silver lining: There is a lady selling old skool Asian themed art work that is ridiculous.

  • JarJar Binks says:
    On Monday 9/18/06 12:32 PM
    Oh my god! This fest was so friken great! I loved the group Powder and of course Lovehammers! You guys really know how to throw a party! Guinness, oyster, great music, what more can you ask for?

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