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View Map 321 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 644-0283
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  • AM says:
    On Thursday 8/16/07 5:11 PM
    Saturday night my friends and I decided to check out Flatwater. We all paid $10 each to get in the door only to find out the patio was closed, the service was shitty, and the atmosphere was dreadful. It was so hot in the place I could barely breath and the floor was wet from something disgusting and smelly. There were also way too many people crowed in such a tight space. I'm sure many laws were being violated. We left after 5 minutes and tried to get our money back but the doorman, Chris, and "head of security," Kevin, would not refund our money. Good luck trying to get a hold of the GM, Rakesh, to file a complaint. He's made sure that he is unavailable in unpleasent situations. His extention even hangs up on you claiming an "error."

  • Kelly says:
    On Friday 8/10/07 2:13 PM
    I don't reccomend this place. Here is the e-mail I sent to them after having lunch there on 8/7/07: "When I asked for the "avocado mayonnaise" to be on the side on a sandwich, I was told that "there were no substitutions" on sandwiches. When I replied that I didn't want a substitution but just the mayo on the side, I was told that my request could not be accommodated as if I was stupid to not understand the reply the first time. To me this means one of two things: either, you buy your food from an airline caterer, and the sandwiches are preassembled hours before being served, or, your place is completely mismanaged.

    I would have walked out, but my companion wanted to stay. I will not be dining at your establishment again and will not recommend it to anyone. The fact that a sauce could not be put on the side is completely baffling to me and goes against the grain of being in the "hospitality" industry. In addition, the fact that the wait person just stared at me like I had three heads was even more incomprehensible. It would be small consolation, but it would be something, if she had at least acknowledged how that it is completely ridiculous not to accommodate such a simple request.

  • robin says:
    On Wednesday 7/18/07 10:25 PM
    after hearing so muck about Flatwater, I was really disappointed. The service was not good and neither was the food. This place has so much potential but with the current managment in place,it will never live up to it/

  • Donatella says:
    On Thursday 7/12/07 5:48 PM
    DISSAPOINTING! This location has major potention but sadly the service is horrible and so is the food. The apple dessert was delicious and it was the highlight of our flatwater experience!

  • Anna says:
    On Thursday 7/12/07 3:34 PM
    On a scale of 1 - 10 I would say about a 5. Great atmosphere and view with the river and outdoor bar - however it is quite expensive for what you get and portions are small. The food was ok, and our waiter was less than intellegent. If you go, go for the atmosphere and don't forget your wallet.

  • BARB says:
    On Saturday 7/7/07 7:47 PM
    Horrible Food and service! Wonderful atmosphere outside along the river! RIP OFF pertaining to the drinks (1/8 glass of wine!) and the entree was expensive and bland. We ordered our food and the server brought it within seconds! Is this a cafeteria? Our potatoes came after the entree, so we did not accept them! We left the restuarant and went home to order a pizza because we were starving. $60 for NOTHING! I would never go back.

  • Mary Beth says:
    On Wednesday 12/27/06 7:56 PM
    This restaurant was really a disappointment. We ordered a $9 glass of wine and got about 1/8 of a glass. The entrees were $29 each and were very small portions, probably worth about $15. We did not get any bread with the meal either. We spent $90 including tip and left hungry. I felt really cheated. The prior restaurant in this location was a much better value. What a rip-off!

  • Hannah says:
    On Saturday 12/16/06 1:10 PM
    Amazing food! We shared some appetizers by the toasty fireplace and each one was excellent. The seclusion of being below the street and on the river felt like a little retreat. Service was friendly and attentive and the decor like a modern day lodge. Recommended!

  • MRW says:
    On Friday 9/22/06 9:47 AM
    A lovely respite along the water with great food and good service. Be warned, however, that entrees range from $20-40. Wonderful layout, too, because you can sit inside and still be within feet of the river. Maybe you can tell...are the hostesses all sisters?

  • Paul says:
    On Monday 9/11/06 10:58 AM
    Excellent Location and the food was outstanding. Prices are reasonable and the service excellent.

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