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Shen Shen Health & Harmony

View Map 2764 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Tel: (773) 935-4325
Fax: (773) 935-2871
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  • Brian says:
    On Wednesday 3/10/10 4:04 PM
    After struggling with yet another set of symptoms that left my doctors scratching their heads I decided to visit Roger Hughes for his Vodder Lymph Drainage Therapy. After hour long visits I am thrilled to be seeing my symptoms recede. But more than simply treating the symptoms I came to see him for the treatment has had several other highly beneficial effects on my life from working through some psychic cobwebs that have been hanging around for many years to, perhaps most exciting to me, helping me sleep deeply through the night. I don't exagerate when I say I have not had a full nights sleep in almost 10 years, but since seeing Roger I have been experiencing deep, restful nights of the kind of satisfying sleep I could only remember. Certainly no modality of treatment is a promise of success for every condition, but I have found Roger Hughes' Vodder Lymph Drain a complete revelation for my situation and has helped me hit a much needed reset button on my life.

  • Karin Schroeder says:
    On Wednesday 2/6/08 7:04 PM
    I was going thru a period of extreme stress in my life -my muscles were tight bundles of knots, my immune system weak and my emotions frazzled and drained. When I tried a series of Roger's unique blend of Trager and manual lymph drainage, my muscles relaxed and stayed that way. I lost the water weight my body was storing and was able to sleep more deeply and calmly. My experience at Shen Shen was so positive and healthy, I have recommended it to my family and friends . Everyone who has taken my advice is happy they did and have become Shen Shen "fans"!I am so grateful for Roger's skill and compassion and so glad I found Shen Shen !

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