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Recent Reviews - Record Store

Algonquin Records Review
Great selection of 60s & 70s records, collector's items and displays - just like a museum or art gallery!

- By Newton (Sunday 8/8/10 10:23 AM)

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Algonquin Records Review
LOWEST priced vinyl in the Chicago area. Good selection of LP's are well organized in wooden display bins just like an old record store.

- By Charles (Monday 2/22/10 8:17 AM)

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Metal Haven Review
I just stopped in here yesterday; they have a great selection and a kick ass atmosphere--very nice.

- By Shea (Friday 4/24/09 9:05 AM)

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Disc Replay (Orland Park) Review
This store is the greatest, everyone is really nice, epsecially that one guy who's been there the longest. I forgot his name, but all I know is that my ex-girlfriend broke up with me because she couldn't get enough of this dude. Great store, not only do they take your cd's and dvd's, look out, they might steal your date!

- By Ben (Monday 6/30/08 11:32 PM)

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Revolver Record Store Review
I've been a fan of Revolver Records since it's conception, defenitly a store for the people, a friendly enviroment, and marlon is always one to host in store parties and record releases for the local artists, always down to help a friend in need.

Great store, Great people, Great music, simple!

- By JAM ONE (Wednesday 5/21/08 12:46 PM)

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Groovin' High Records Review
Great store, with a lot of stuff. Small but chocked full of cds, vinyl, books, VHS, DVDs - you name it. Plus, the guy who owns and runs the store is really knowledgeable and has no indie record store attitude!

- By another music fan says (Monday 3/31/08 4:03 PM)

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Kstarke Records Chicago Review
If you want hands-off service, buy your shit off ebay or itunes. if you want a kickass record store with knowledgeable employees, friendly & helpful customers, in-store parties and an all around great atmosphere and sweet music collection, check this place out. places like this are the reason vinyl is making a comeback.

- By D. (Sunday 3/30/08 5:45 PM)

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Groovin' High Records Review
Didn't realize the store was there. Walked past it on my way home from work and was pleasantly surpirsed. Found a couple of recent records I've been looking for but haven't been able to find anywhere.

- By Nicholas (Saturday 3/29/08 7:34 AM)

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Revolver Record Store Review
I was heading to Pilsen to meet some friends for breakfast, and as I was parking I saw this record store across the street. So I stopped in. I missed breakfast. The owner was there tending the counter, and besides playing beautiful soul gems he helped me find great records and let me listen to my selections. Even better, the next time I made it in, he remembered me. This is an awesome store with a great selection of hip hop and especially soul. SUPPORT THIS LOCAL RECORD STORE!

- By Mike (Wednesday 1/30/08 4:31 PM)

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Reckless Records (Loop) Review
The loop Reckless Records is small but just as good as the other Reckless locations. Great customer service from a great staff. They went the extra mile to find some obscure music for me and we're great about it. Worth the trip.

- By Melissa (Monday 1/21/08 11:44 AM)

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Second Hand Tunes (Evanston) Review
I have to disagree with the review below. The owner is a nice person and like any place that specializes in used product, it can be hit or miss, depending what you are looking for. In any event, great place and one worth visiting over and over again! I've been shopping here for 20 years.

- By JC (Friday 1/11/08 4:23 PM)

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Old School Records Review
WOW! talk about selection! Any genre of music including a large selection of house and electronic music. But most importantly the owners, both as helpful and knowledgeable as they come, each has there own specialty. you'll have to find out for yourself. check it out!

- By marlowebaca (Thursday 12/20/07 1:14 PM)

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Disc Replay (Orland Park) Review
This place kicks ass. If you wear a wrestling t-shirt on wednesdays you get a dollar off ever thing in the store. Also that new Bryan dude that works there is awesome. You should bring him cookies. he likes cookies.

- By nostyle (Wednesday 12/19/07 8:33 PM)

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Disc Replay (Crest Hill) Review
I have been making purchases from Disk replay for several years and have been very pleased with the quality of the Cd's and DVD's. I purchase from both Amazon and Disc replay....but I always check Disc Replay first. Thanks for great service, quality and price.

- By cmp (Sunday 12/2/07 7:33 PM)

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Beverly Rare Record Shop Review
What a vault of vinyl! Everything our band needed was there. Jack and Joey were really nice and helpful. We will be back! Oh, and being able to call and receive our vinyl the next day---that's groovy! You can't go wrong with Beverly Records!

- By eliza williams (Friday 11/16/07 11:21 AM)

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Permanent Records Review
This is a great little shop in Wicker Park just west of the Damen/Chicago intersection. They have tons of amazing/hard to find items on vinyl, CD, and DVD. They even have books and magazines (including vintage Creem magazines which I collect!). They mostly carry indie, pshychedelic, and noise and they have a nice local section too. Oh, and the real kicker, I special ordered a cd and they actually called me to let me know it was in. Try getting any other place in town to do that. The owners are the only ones who work there and they really know their stuff. Maybe I'm biased because they are so close to my apartment, but they are quickly becoming a weekly staple for me. Stop in on a Friday or Saturday, they usually have several live performances per week!

- By polarbear66 (Friday 12/22/06 12:38 PM)

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Mr. Peabody Records Review
It's a great place to find just what you want when you want it. Mark and Mike are the best at helping you locate the rare and hard to find music. If they don't have it believe me they will get it.

- By RODNEY (Wednesday 11/15/06 7:42 PM)

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Revolver Record Store Review
One of the coolest record stores I've been to in chicago. Nice selection, cool people, and beer!

- By james (Wednesday 11/1/06 12:09 PM)

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Deadwax Records Review
It's hard for me to find the words to tell you how great this place is, but I'll try. I was looking for 10 rare LPs & CDs - and this place not only had 8 out of 10 - but they were all reasonably priced. Plus they had some of those rare WXRT CDs low priced as well - so I asked the owner why? - and he said "I want to sell them I don't want them to collect dust." My Guy!

- By Kevin Walker (Wednesday 10/25/06 10:55 PM)

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Dave's Records Review
Ive been going to Dave's for the past 3 years. They have a great selection of rock, r&b easy listening & jazz. I learned to look in the "cheapos" section to find records that might have a scratch or two on them. I have bought nearly 200 records from Dave's and have been satisfied. The selection is much better than Grammaphone or Hyde Park Records and is priced much cheaper--Dave--Im the guy who always buys at least 20 records!!!Can I get a coupon?

- By Terrence (Wednesday 9/27/06 1:32 PM)

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