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» Couples That Play Together Stay Together
Impress your mate with these creative and fun fitness-inspired date ideas.
» Get Out and Play
The spring/summer season is a perfect time for you to join a sports league.
» Burning Down the House
Czarina Mirani's house-music dance classes will get you in shape for your next Chicago club night.
» Vinyasa Vacation
The Yoga Journal Grand Geneva Conference turns Lake Geneva into the ultimate destination for Midwest Yogis.
» So You Wanna Breakdance?
Get fit, learn cool moves and pick up a history lesson at a Breakdance Chicago class.
» So You Wanna Street Fight?
You can become a master street fighter with a few simple skills.
» So You Wanna Try Budokon?
Tap your inner Karate Kid while building flexibility and calming the mind in this challenging new martial art.
» So You Wanna Cross-country Ski?
Cross-country skiing gets heart rates up even when temps are way down.
» Game On!
Team up with one of these Chicago winter sports leagues and leave hibernation to the bears.
» End-of-the-Year Workout Deals
Start working on your New Year’s resolution early and you could save some major cash.
» Pair Up to Work Out
Working out with a partner can be double the fun.
» Winter Workouts
Stay fit when the weather outside is frightful with these fitness offerings at local gyms and studios.
» Chaturanga for Cheap
Add a Downward Dog to your day with a free yoga class.
» So You Wanna...Do AcroYoga?
Try this blend of yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics for an uplifting workout.
» So You Wanna Be a Trapeze Artist?
Learn to fly and get an intense core and mind-body workout with Aloft Aerial Dance.
» Train Like An Olympian
The Olympics may be over, but you can still work out like the athletes representing our country.
» So You Wanna Makko-ho?
With this Japanese exercise form, you can improve your flexibility without breaking a sweat.
» Child's Play
Sport that baby bump and get busy with these prenatal workouts.
» Get Fit and Give Back
At these fitness events that support charity, you and your shrinking love handles won't be the only winners.
» So You Wanna Play in the Sand?
Get a full-body workout while reminiscing about days spent in the sandbox at Equinox's Sandblast class.
» Award-winning Workout Spots
Whether you're looking for a gym with a killer view or creative classes, we've found the best in the city.
» So You Wanna Bat Like a Pro?
Get a great workout while you improve your baseball skills at the batting cages.
» Hard Core
Get killer abs with these belly-busting workouts.
» ...Samba
Learn to shake your hips like a sexy Brasileira.
» Getting Fit Gets Personal
Personal training studios are the perfect alternative for gym-phobes.
» Get Fit for Parka Season
It's not time to retreat to the gym just yet. Here are a few ways to get your exercise in the great outdoors.
» Hikes Near Chicago
Get in the car for a little while then soak up hours of natural goodness on one of these nearby hikes.
» ...Tango?
Strap on your heels and slink across the floor to some of the most beautiful music ever written.
» ...Disc Golf?
Head outside, grab a disc, aim for the basket and "frolf" away.
» Jump Onboard Chicago's Sailing Scene
Anchor-down for these sailing services that'll make you shout "ahoy!"
» ...Be a Sailor?
Misty takes the plunge, buys a sailboat and starts to learn the ropes of standing at the helm.
» ...Be a Streetwarrior
Nab a water gun, an alias and hit the streets.
» ...Be a Bocce Player
Generally best when played with a plastic cup in one hand.
» ...Be a Boxer?
Learning how to throw a one-two punch takes more than a cute workout outfit.
» ...Indoor Rock Climb?
Indoor rock climbing gets altitude junkies off the ground—and the rest of us in shape.
» ...Be A Hoop Dancer?
Turns out, even those of us who were miserable at the sport as kids can likely find success with weightier grownup-size hoops.
» Ice Skating, Schmice Skating
Bypass the stationary bike but keep your exercise indoors with these funky workouts.
» Getting Out While It's White Out
Escape the claustrophobic confines of your wintery home with these outdoor activities.
» ...Bike Winter?
Bundle up and strap on that headlight...there's no time like December to hit the streets via bike.
» ...Be an Anusara Yogi?
I walked into Intro to Anusara back in April, and my sun salutes haven’t been the same since.
» ...Be a Ballerina?
Older, wiser and a tad more comfortable in my own skin, I decided I'd give dance another shot.
» ...Be a Pole Dancer?
Recommended for any woman who dreams about fulfilling her erotic potential.
» ...Be a Capoeirista?
It's no exaggeration: Capoeiristas are the fittest and most beautiful people I've ever seen.
» ...Be a Fencer
Fancy yourself a swashbuckler? Take a stab at some real swordplay and find out if you're right.
» ...Be a Bikram Babe
Bikram yoga brings new meaning to the phrase "slick as a goose."
» ...Be a Hapkidoin
Break a sweat, and maybe a few elbows, with this Korean self-defense martial art.
» ...Be a Road Warrior
Pedal away, but revamp your ride first.
» Running Chicago
Lace up those sneakers…it's time to run like the wind.

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