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David Schwimmer
A graduate of Northwestern's Theater Department, Schwimmer's big break came almost five years ago when he landed the role of "Ross" on NBC's hit TV Sitcom, Friends. However, Davey's luck may be running out on him. His film acting credits include The Pallbearer (1996) which David swears was a tremendously brilliant script before it was rewritten during the production process. . . yeah, right Davey. The film tanked at the box office and affirmed the Friends TV to film cross-over "curse". Also, Schwimmer's directorial film debut . . . Dogwater ( shot here in Chicago and later renamed Since You've Been Gone) was snubbed by Miramax, their $4 million financier, who passed on theatrical distribution rights despite the cameo appearances of various film and TV celebrities such as Terri Hatcher & Molly Ringwald. Miramax happily dumped its multi-million dollar flop onto ABC's shoulders who snapped up the two hour film and aired it nationally in March of 1998. Warning to all indie filmmakers -- this is a lesson in the banes of acquiring a theatrical distribution deal: it's hard. . . even for Davey, who undoubtable has more status, power, money, and connections than most of us.

Schwimmer film credits include Kissing a Fool (1998), Six Days, Seven Nights (1998), and The Pallbearer (1996). In addition to friends, he has appeared on ER (1996), The Single Guy (1995), NYPD Blue (1993), and The Wonder Years (1991-2).

A co-founder of the Lookingglass Theatre Ensemble, he performed in Lookingglass productions including West, The Jungle, The Idiot, and The Arabian Nights.

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