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Who's Who Chicago: Centerstage People
Jacob Knabb


Articles by Jacob

Devin Davis
Music . 07/29/2005.
Beckoning the lonely people.

The Zincs
Music . 07/04/2005.
Hooky mope-pop from a limey named Jim.

Pit er Pat
Music . 07/04/2005.
This Thrill Jockey band is making sounds.

Devil in a Woodpile
Music . 07/04/2005.
A deal with the Devil will get you free blues.

Kingston Mines
Music Guides. 06/07/2005.
"Doc" Pellegrino can still hear the blues.

Rosa's Lounge
Music Guides. 06/07/2005.
Home to the blues...and Tony Mangiullo planned it that way.

Chicago Poetry Project
Overheard. 04/24/2005.
Delivering poetic truths from the quiet folks in the corner.

The Dollar Store
Overheard. 03/03/2005.
All the laughs you can stomach…for a buck.

Cut-Rate Canoodling
Live Well. 02/21/2005.
A crash course in blissing out on a limited budget.

Danny's Reading Series
Overheard. 01/18/2005.
You should know about the Danny's Reading Series by now.

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