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Jessica Herman
Our fearless managing editor.
After graduating from Northwestern University in 2004 with an English Literature degree in her knapsack, Jessica Herman took a deep sea dive into the world of arts and entertainment writing through freelance writing for local magazines and news weeklies. She's pursued a relatively serious, though not exclusive relationship with fashion writing, flirts with recreation-related topics that aren't too "sporty" and has a penchant for visual art and design topics along the lines of t-shirt and rock music poster designers.

She spends her days and nights scavenging for stories and tends to find them in unexpected locations like the garden gnome in Amelie. She invites any clues or suggestions, so send your stories her way.

When she's not writing or thinking about writing, she's biking, fashioning herself as a modern day Esther Williams and swimming in the city's unsalted waters, eating Honey Crisp apples, slowly but surely refining her taste for wine, daydreaming about her future travels in South America or reading the Sunday Style section with a frothy cup of latte in her paws at her coffee shop of the week.


Articles by Jessica

Off the Couch and Into the Coffee Shop
Literature Guides. 01/01/2009.
Five spots to enjoy freshly ground brew with your book.

Avant Chicago
Arts and Words. 05/28/2007.
Renaissance blogger Brent Kado keeps Chicagoans posted on local life and culture that deserves some extra limelight.

...Be a Boxer?
So You Wanna.... 05/22/2007.
Learning how to throw a one-two punch takes more than a cute workout outfit.

Eco-Friendly Fun
Stave off energy-chugging behavior with these conscientious ways to kick back, consume and imbibe.

Arts and Words. 02/13/2007.
Amanda Chapel serves up the naked truth about the PR industry for anyone interested in reading.

Art or Idiocy?
Arts and Words. 01/23/2007.
Erik Wenzel helps to fill the art criticism gap in Chicago "and beyond."

Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross
Arts and Words. 01/15/2007.
The directors of 137 Films discuss Fermilab, filmmaking and the questionable future of science.

Arts and Words. 01/08/2007.
The most contentious news fit to print: politics and Justin Timberlake.

Life Aboard Mazurka
Arts and Words. 12/25/2006.
The ordinary and extraordinary tales of living on a boat in Lake Michigan.

Julie Shapiro
Arts and Words. 12/18/2006.
The art, fiction and truth in radio documentaries.

You Are Beautiful
Arts and Words. 12/18/2006.
The artists behind the world-wide campaign shed light on the art project's optimistic history.

Bella Rossa
Arts and Words. 12/11/2006.
Notes and anecdotes from one funny writer.

Dress A Day
Arts and Words. 11/27/2006.
Erin McKean blogs about the secret lives of dresses, the culture of craft and technology.

Live Well. 11/20/2006.
Support the city's makers and shakers by buying local goods for your holiday gifts.

Gifts from the Vine
Live Well. 11/20/2006.
Personalize your bottled pick with help from your local wine purveyor.

Copy, Right?
Music . 11/13/2006.
Liza Pavelich digs up the good, the bad and the ugly of cover songs.

Jargon Chicago
Arts and Words. 10/31/2006.
Chicagoans who tell it like it is.

Byron Flitsch
Arts and Words. 10/16/2006.
The voice of our generation: overeducated and looking for work and meaning in everyday life.

Elizabeth Cronin
Arts and Words. 10/02/2006.
Asrai Garden's owner is not your stereotypical florist.

Chicago Carless
Arts and Words. 10/02/2006.
This native New Yorker preaches the gospel of downtown Chicago living.

Apartment Therapy
Arts and Words. 09/04/2006.
Heather Blaha scouts out the most delicious designs in the city and on the Web.

Ernest Hemingway Home
Take A Tour. 08/28/2006.
Learn about Hemingway's home life in Oak Park.

Skillet Doux
Food and Drink. 08/21/2006.
The spot for learning about minced garlic and Schwa (but not about the South Beach Diet).

Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation
Arts and Words. 07/31/2006.
A well-balanced diet of pop culture, politics and personal life stories.

Megan Stielstra
Arts and Words. 07/17/2006.
Stories worth reading from one busy writer.

Eat Chicago
Food and Drink. 07/02/2006.
Michael Morowitz eats his way through Chicago, one empty restaurant at a time.

Arts and Words. 06/16/2006.
One funny man's take on the day's local news.

Feed Near the Fests
Dining Guides. 06/05/2006.
Affordable spots to calm your appetite before, during or after this summer's festivals.

Overheard in Chicago
Arts and Words. 05/27/2006.
Eavesdropping has never sounded so sweet.

Sunday Salon
Overheard. 05/22/2006.
Straight from NYC, Chicago's latest reading series takes off.

One Good Thing
Arts and Words. 05/04/2006.
A healthy mix of porn and parenting.

Arts and Words. 04/21/2006.
Local writer Wendy McClure's blog weighs in on body image, boredom and beyond.

Arts and Words. 04/09/2006.
Interviews, essays, diatribes and diary entries documenting the days in the life of Claire Zulkey.

Big Happy Funhouse
Arts and Words. 03/26/2006.
Ron Slattery's funhouse is home to found photography, free pie and happy thoughts.

Party By Theme
Live Well. 12/24/2005.
Beat the winter woes with a novel approach to your private party.

It's High Time for High Tea
Untrapping Tourism. 12/08/2005.
Crumpets and cocktails at The Drake hotel.

Uptown Poetry Slam
Untrapping Tourism. 09/29/2005.
Going a round with the Uptown Poetry Slam.

Hemingway Days
Nightlife Guides. 06/19/2005.
A book and a beer go perfectly here.

...Be a Road Warrior
So You Wanna.... 04/11/2005.
Pedal away, but revamp your ride first.

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