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Julia Steinberger
In the Baskin-Robbins of life, Julia Steinberger is the girl asking for a million-and-ten samples (in the miniature pink spoons) before finally settling on a flavor, only to wish she'd chosen the other.

(And she thought that was a pretty slick analogy, even working it into college applications not so many years ago, until she heard the same one spoken between Kaitlin and Marissa on The O.C.)

What it boils down to is, journalism seems a safe bet for someone with an overactive imagination who can't make decisions. Writing about Chicago arts and culture is an endless cycle of being seduced, falling in love, and then unceremoniously heading for the door as soon as the next hot item comes along... and the attention-deficit lifestyle suits this writer just fine.

In addition to scouting venues, Julia authors Centerstage's biweekly Green Thumb column. Check it out for her latest adventures in healthy and eco-friendly urban living.


Articles by Julia

Sunscreen Shopping: No Day at the Beach
Green Thumb. 07/16/2007.
Julia tackles the question of earth- and skin-friendly sun protection.

Get The Monkey (And Everything Else) Off Your Back
Green Thumb. 07/02/2007.
Julia finds new freedom by fixing up her bike to haul her gear.

French Fries and Faux Chicken Nuggets?
Green Thumb. 06/18/2007.
Julia finds a way into the fast food nation without sacrificing her eco-minded ideals.

...Be a Bocce Player
So You Wanna.... 06/10/2007.
Generally best when played with a plastic cup in one hand.

Imported Tip: Swap Your Clothes Montreal-Style
Green Thumb. 06/04/2007.
Clothing swap parties are Julia's new favorite way to shop.

It's Only Natural
Green Thumb. 05/21/2007.
A visit to the naturopathic doctor leaves Julia feeling more informed and less toxic.

Antiox Your Intox
Nightlife Guides. 05/15/2007.
Get a health boost with your buzz from five fancy drinks that go way beyond the pomegranate martini.

A Drop in the Bucket
Green Thumb. 05/08/2007.
Julia becomes a composter-in-training with encouragement from her urban-dwelling, composting friend.

Singing the Recycling Blues
Green Thumb. 04/24/2007.
Julia gives us the run-down on pilot recycling program and offers helpful tips toward joining the recycling revolution.

Healthy/Organic Eating on the Cheap
Green Thumb. 04/09/2007.
Julia learns a happy lesson from Healthy Dining Chicago publisher Laura Bruzas.

Greening Your Modes of Transportation
Live Well. 04/06/2007.
Give your CO2-factory-on-wheels a rest and take these alternative rides for a spin.

Eating My Way Through FamilyFarmed
Green Thumb. 03/27/2007.
Julia puts on an earth-friendly pound (or ten) at the EXPO2007.

Mad About Matzoh Balls
Dining Guides. 03/26/2007.
Just in time for Passover, we seek out the best bowls of salty matzoh ball soup in town.

Greenie Cooking Tip: Make Your Own Veggie Stock
Green Thumb. 03/12/2007.
Protect your system against the seasonal plummet (and even cinch your waistline) with homemade vegetable broth.

The Finish Line
Green Thumb. 02/26/2007.
Julia finishes up the eight-week Green Challenge by rethinking what goes in the trash and down the drain.

Hunting Down the Phantom Load
Green Thumb. 02/12/2007.
As much as 40 percent of the electricity used in the US comes from appliances that aren't even turned on!

A Food And Fashion Overhaul
Green Thumb. 01/29/2007.
With the Green Challenge at its halfway point, Julia looks at bad fabrics and from-far-away fruits.

Green Challenge, Week Two
Green Thumb. 01/15/2007.
My first mission: a face-off with the biggest eco-offender in my life—my car.

...Be A Hoop Dancer?
So You Wanna.... 01/08/2007.
Turns out, even those of us who were miserable at the sport as kids can likely find success with weightier grownup-size hoops.

Don't Count Carbs, Count Carbon!
Green Thumb. 01/01/2007.
Julia sets off on an eight-week challenge to reduce her carbon dioxide emissions.

...Bike Winter?
So You Wanna.... 12/18/2006.
Bundle up and strap on that headlight...there's no time like December to hit the streets via bike.

Don't Chuck that Tube Down the Chute!
Green Thumb. 12/18/2006.
Ready to kill your TV? Just be sure to recycle it.

Greenie Craft Corner
Green Thumb. 12/04/2006.
Recycle your sweater into a fab winter hat.

Horn of Plenty
Green Thumb. 11/20/2006.
Julia gives thanks for the autumn bounty by checking out fresh options from local growers.

Thomas Marlow
Arts and Words. 11/06/2006.
Documenting Chicago, one portrait at a time.

Pinot Noir Without the Lysol
Green Thumb. 11/06/2006.
A toast to organic wine, straight from Oregon's wine country.

...Be an Anusara Yogi?
So You Wanna.... 10/30/2006.
I walked into Intro to Anusara back in April, and my sun salutes haven’t been the same since.

A Cuppa Fair Trade, Please
Green Thumb. 10/23/2006.
Figuring out exactly what Fair Trade means...and where to get coffee with the stamp of approval.

DIY Decor
Green Thumb. 10/09/2006.
A wise greenie saves some cash by refashioning old gear to redecorate her space.

...Be a Ballerina?
So You Wanna.... 10/02/2006.
Older, wiser and a tad more comfortable in my own skin, I decided I'd give dance another shot.

From the Tree to the Tummy
Green Thumb. 09/25/2006.
A trip to an orchard yields a 20-pound bounty of apples.

...Be a Capoeirista?
So You Wanna.... 09/11/2006.
It's no exaggeration: Capoeiristas are the fittest and most beautiful people I've ever seen.

Shopping With the Chef
Green Thumb. 09/11/2006.
Mastering the famers' market with Chef Noah...then eating our spoils in gourmet fashion.

Ode to the Heirloom Tomato
Green Thumb. 08/28/2006.
Get thee to your local farmers' market and fill a bag with these beauties before it's too late!

Needle Me
Green Thumb. 08/14/2006.
Last Thursday, I let a woman I'd just met stick a needle between my eyes.

Architecture River Cruise
Take A Tour. 07/31/2006.
Even those who couldn't build their way out of a box of Lincoln Logs will follow the easily-digestible architectural info.

Making the Most Out of Mulch
Green Thumb. 07/31/2006.
Community gardening is quite fulfilling, sunburn and all.

I Have Difficult Hair
Green Thumb. 07/17/2006.
Luckily, Aveda's earth-friendly haircare comes cheap...if you know where to look.

The Avocado Chronicles
Green Thumb. 07/02/2006.
This not-so-green-thumb tries her hand at growing avocados...and more.

Go Fly a Kite
Green Thumb. 06/19/2006.
Get outdoors with the best toy to have in the Windy City.

Dump the Chemicals
Green Thumb. 06/05/2006.
This week's eco-adventure: Purge the toxic household cleaners!

Jay Ryan
Arts and Words. 06/05/2006.
Talking shop with Chicago's gig-poster master.

Getting Juicy
Green Thumb. 05/21/2006.
Taking on the healthy kind of liquid diet, celery and all.

Going My Way?
Green Thumb. 05/08/2006.
Get on board with the debut of Centerstage's enviro-health column.

Bars With Board Games
Nightlife Guides. 05/04/2006.
Scrabble victories (and defeats) are better done over cocktails.

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