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Who's Who Chicago: Centerstage People
Emily Browne
Emily Browne
A Boston native, Emily found it hard to believe her heart could ever belong to another city. But she is delighted to have found some serious competition here in Chicago. To be clear—that serious competition does not apply to baseball season.

Since moving to Chicago Emily has a) invested in five pairs of long underwear, b) eaten enough panang curry to possibly fill Lake Michigan, or at least her own bathtub, c) discovered Chipotle and d) mourned the tragic loss of Evanston's Cafe Hookah, her most favorite collegiate hang-out. She loves tofu (but not as much as steak), Ashlee Simpson (but not as much as The Grateful Dead) and The Economist (but not as much as Vogue).

Given these facts, she is psyched to be working for Centerstage.

A senior in Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, she will forgive Chicago for its horrible public transportation system if it promises to reveal to her all of its best-kept secrets.


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