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Sharon Hoyer
Sharon never met a dance style or heirloom tomato she didn't like. More of her thoughts on the environment and dance can be found in the Examiner and Newcity, respectively.


Articles by Sharon

Be the (G)host with the Most
We've got all the tips you need to throw a frightfully successful Halloween party.

Ethnic Easter Eats
Dining Guides. 03/06/2010.
Take a break from that chocolate bunny and savor these old-world delicacies.

The Gift of Giving
Live Well. 11/01/2009.
Here are some ways to lend a helping hand in Chicago during the holiday season.

Brain Food
Dining Guides. 05/02/2009.
We've got delicious, mind-altering substances to help you strap on your thinking cap.

Them's the break/s
This "mixtape for the stage" brings high art and hip-hop together at the MCA.

Not Just For Bikers
Green Thumb. 01/12/2009.
Chicago's biggest alternative transit organization moves people under a new name.

Change for the Greener
Green Thumb. 12/31/2008.
Sharon shares her three green resolutions for 2009.

Live Smart, Not Hard
Green Thumb. 12/15/2008.
The Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry features the latest in green technology.

The Holiday Green Guide
Green Thumb. 12/01/2008.
Here are some helpful hints for a sustainable season.

The Giving Tree Band
These acoustic folk-rockers just recorded the world's greenest album.

Climate of Change
Green Thumb. 11/17/2008.
Chicago’s Climate Action Plan puts our future in focus.

The Green Gift Guide
Green Thumb. 11/14/2008.
A short list of planet-friendly gift ideas to make your holidays a little greener.

Ending the Cold War
Green Thumb. 11/03/2008.
Save energy and money by installing a programmable thermostat.

Haunting Consciously
Green Thumb. 10/20/2008.
There's no trick to being environmentally friendly this Halloween.

Hold the Phone
Green Thumb. 10/06/2008.
Keep that old cell phone out of the landfill by donating it to a responsible recycler.

Eat Globally and Locally
Dining Guides. 09/29/2008.
The Midwest harvest furnishes inspired cuisine from around the world.

Uncharted Ground
Green Thumb. 09/22/2008.
The new Uncommon Ground paves the way for ultra-local, community focused, green cuisine.

Summer In a Jar
Green Thumb. 09/08/2008.
Sharon captures the flavors of the harvest by canning at home.

Worth the Wait
Green Thumb. 08/25/2008.
A meal hosted by Slow Food Chicago proves that all good things come in due time.

Come On In...If The Water's Fine
Green Thumb. 08/11/2008.
Why you should check the swim report before hitting the beach.

Lollapalooza. 07/28/2008.
The summer's biggest music bacchanal is going eco-friendly.

Get in a Pickle
Green Thumb. 07/25/2008.
Chicago's only food co-op will soon be a reality.

Vigilante Planting
Green Thumb. 07/14/2008.
With seed bombing, you can green the city on your own terms.

Saving Grace
Green Thumb. 06/30/2008.
A visit to Salvage One proves that designing with reused materials isn't all dusty doorknobs.

So You Wanna Makko-ho?
So You Wanna.... 06/27/2008.
With this Japanese exercise form, you can improve your flexibility without breaking a sweat.

Seven-Day Cycling
Green Thumb. 06/16/2008.
Three dollars a gallon. What more reason do you need to bike to work for a week (or more)?

Of Bees and Men
Green Thumb. 06/02/2008.
The Chicago Honey Co-op draws sweet sustenance from a once-barren West Side lot.

Open Season
Green Thumb. 05/16/2008.
As the farmers markets kick into gear, Sharon heads out for local produce and community-centric revelry.

Road Map to Green Fest
Chicago Guides. 05/12/2008.
Our guide to the eco-event of the year includes handy tips and can't-miss highlights.

Clean Clothes Without Percs
Green Thumb. 05/02/2008.
Sharon takes her duds to the Greener Cleaner for brighter, carcinogen-free whites.

Fresh Veggies, Hold the Lead
Green Thumb. 04/21/2008.
Before planting a bounty of edibles in your garden, be sure to test your soil.

A Proud Heritage
Green Thumb. 04/03/2008.
Sharon celebrates diversity this spring by starting heirloom seeds.

I Guess I'll Go Keep Worms
Green Thumb. 03/24/2008.
Sharon starts a worm composting bin and turns her trash into treasure.

There's Gotta Be a Catch
Green Thumb. 02/28/2008.
For the seafood lover, eating responsibly can be slippery business.

Life Amongst the Butterflies
Untrapping Tourism. 02/08/2008.
An afternoon in the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven will get you through the winter.

Wee Little House for Wee Little Plants
Green Thumb. 02/08/2008.
A handy friend gives Sharon advice on how to build a cold frame.

Home Green Home
Green Thumb. 01/28/2008.
Sharon takes a tour through a green building and learns how Chicago is leading the way in sustainable construction.

Eat Your Oatmeal!
Dining Guides. 01/14/2008.
We've got a few nourishing breakfast places that'll hit the spot on a cold winter morning.

Bringing Up Baby
Green Thumb. 01/11/2008.
Life with an antioxidant-rich kombucha culture isn't all mushrooms and squiddles.

Green Leaves
Green Thumb. 01/03/2008.
Sharon shares three great eco-focused reads to kick off the new year.

Give Thanks for Local Farms
Green Thumb. 12/03/2007.
Making a feast of locally grown foods is easy if you know where to look.

Lane Alexander
Arts and Words. 11/23/2007.
This tap-dance legend talks about the birth and evolution of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project.

Not Too Cold to Ride
Green Thumb. 11/20/2007.
Sharon shares her survival guide to all-weather biking.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas
Our eco-friendly tips will help you keep holiday traditions and the planet alive.

Get Fit for Parka Season
Fitness Guides. 11/13/2007.
It's not time to retreat to the gym just yet. Here are a few ways to get your exercise in the great outdoors.

Green on the Catwalk
Green Thumb. 11/02/2007.
High-fashion designers are becoming eco-conscious. But what the heck does that mean?

The Great Bottle Debate
Green Thumb. 10/19/2007.
Sharon wades through the bottled water quagmire for a sip of clarity.

Black Moon Rising
In The Spotlight. 10/18/2007.
A chat with Eduardo Vilaro proves the future of Luna Negra Dance Theater is very bright indeed.

So You Wanna.... 10/05/2007.
Strap on your heels and slink across the floor to some of the most beautiful music ever written.

Live Free and Drive
Green Thumb. 10/04/2007.
Sharon joins I-GO car sharing and enjoys the best of both worlds.

Bedding Down for Fall
Green Thumb. 09/24/2007.
Sharon does some autumn planting with a little guidance from the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Buckets of Rain
Green Thumb. 09/10/2007.
Bring water to the table by redirecting your downspout and collecting rain in a bucket.

Cold Comfort
Green Thumb. 08/24/2007.
Sharon rigs up a DIY air conditioner to cool her apartment without warming the planet.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Tomato
Green Thumb. 08/13/2007.
Sharon rolls up her sleeves to get the dirt on urban farming.

Scrimp Your Ride
Green Thumb. 07/30/2007.
Our new eco-expert learns do-it-yourself bike maintenance from West Town Bikes.

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