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Who's Who Chicago: Centerstage People
August Evans
August grew up riding the South Shore train into Chicago from her native Valparaiso, a quaint, insulated town in Northwest Indiana. But after moving out and being lucky enough to spend some time teaching English to French high-schoolers, she couldn't help but reminisce about the only city worth returning to America for. Once her teaching stint was up, she stubbed out her last Gitane and hightailed it back to the U.S. to study creative writing and blow her savings (both real and imaginary) getting her Master's in creative writing in Hyde Park.

As a recent Hyde Park ex-pat and Centerstage freelancer, August is delighting in the city's riches—culinary and otherwise—in which she has been given the opportunity to partake. She happily awaits the day when her Chicago-based fiction will be published and enjoyed.


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