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Stacy Warden
Personal Website:
As much as she loves writing, Stacy has never taken a liking to the bio—she finds it stifling and strange. She thinks that the art of speaking in third-person would be better spent on fiction—which she reads a ton of. If her face isn’t crammed in a book, Stacy is probably experimenting with a new recipe or kicking ass in Scrabble. She spends a lot of time in grocery stores reading labels and searching for stinky cheeses. When Stacy can’t fall asleep to the sounds of high school students rapping outside of her building, she bakes pastries in an efficiency-sized oven and dreams of extra counter-space.


Articles by Stacy

Find a CSA in the Chicago Area
Skip the imported produce and support a local farmer instead with one of these CSA shares.

Where to Shop for Passover Seder
Dining Guides. 03/22/2010.
Hosting the family this year? Stock up at these Chicago kosher-friendly spots.

Thaw Your Heart
Love, Sex, Life. 03/20/2010.
Pack away your parka and heat up with these spring-friendly date ideas.

On The Hunt
Take the kids to these family-friendly Easter egg hunts in Chicago.

Authentic Irish Pubs
Nightlife Guides. 02/16/2010.
Thanks to these Chicago pubs, you don't have to cross the Atlantic for a real taste of the Emerald Isle.

Beer-Battered Bliss
Dining Guides. 02/14/2010.
Nothing screams comfort like a heaping plate of fried cod.

Forget the Fish Sticks
Dining Guides. 02/06/2010.
Abstaining from meat during Lent? You've got plenty of options.

Dart Bars
Nightlife Guides. 01/14/2010.
The traditional pub game brings in some serious competition at these local joints.

Lowering the Bar
Nightlife Guides. 12/08/2009.
Get the lowdown on Chicago's subterranean pubs.

All Lit Up
Strap on your snow boots and hike it to one of these festive light displays.

You Should Be Dancin' Here
Show off your newly learned steps and twirls at these swingin' spots.

Distraction-Free Drinking
Nightlife Guides. 11/04/2009.
Spark some stimulating conversation at one of these TV-less spots.

Dating on a Dime
Love, Sex, Life. 08/03/2009.
Stay out of the poorhouse (and the doghouse) with these budget-friendly date ideas.

Pierogi Palooza
Dining Guides. 07/22/2009.
Find out where to pack in these Polish pockets of perfection year-round.

Throwback Theaters
Live Well. 07/20/2009.
Catch a modern-day flick at one of these old-school drive-ins.

Mixing History
Nightlife Guides. 07/14/2009.
Take a sip to the past with one of these traditional tipples.

Pitchfork Pit Stops
Pitchfork Music Festival. 07/14/2009.
Got an appetite for more than music? Check out these rock-worthy eateries near Union Park.

French Favorites
Dining Guides. 07/09/2009.
Just say oui to our list of authentic French fare in Chicago.

On the Waterfront
Call in sick and kick back at Chicago's best beaches.

Vinegar Unveiled
Nightlife Guides. 06/26/2009.
You've had it in salads, soups and sauces, now try sipping the stuff in one of these vinegar-tinged libations.

The Ultimate Zoodown: Brookfield vs. Lincoln Park
Untrapping Tourism. 06/26/2009.
Is a day of pachyderms and dolphins worth a trip to Brookfield or should locals stick to their less-exotic Lincoln Park neighbors?

Party After Pride
Nightlife Guides. 06/22/2009.
After the Chicago Pride Parade is over, the real celebration is just beginning.

Grilled Goods at Taste of Chicago
Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse heats up Taste of Chicago 2009 at the grill.

Seven Places to Leave Your Lover
Love, Sex, Life. 06/15/2009.
Ending a relationship can be hard; our list of Chicago's best break-up spots makes things a little easier.

Father's Day Finds
Stumped when it comes to shopping for dad? Check out our guy-friendly gift guide.

Putt Like a Pro
Live Well. 06/07/2009.
You don't need any skills on the green to enjoy a round at these Chicago mini-golf courses.

Do Good In Your 'Hood
Live Well. 06/01/2009.
Got too much free time on your hands? Volunteer it at these local organizations.

Word Up!
Lit Happenings. 05/31/2009.
Get lit at these local spoken-word sessions.

Rainy Day Relief
Live Well. 05/25/2009.
We've got 10 ways to beat the wet-weather blues.

Springtime Spears
Dining Guides. 05/13/2009.
Asparagus is back and it's sprouting up at these local spots.

Study Spaces
Dining Guides. 05/05/2009.
Gear up for the dreaded week of finals and hit the books at one of these java-fueled joints.

Break the Ice
Love, Sex, Life. 05/04/2009.
Got the first-date jitters? Relax and check out this list of stress-free ideas.

Oldies but Goodies
Visit these Chicago antique shops and make your home unique.

A Vote for Art
Art Guides. 04/22/2009.
Art Chicago heeds the call of change with its 2009 show.

Forget the Flowers
These unique Mother's Day gifts will make sure you remain the favorite child.

Gettin' Jazzy With It
Music Guides. 04/12/2009.
We pick the best Chicago jazz clubs for every occasion.

Cool Concoctions
Say hello to spring with these chilled libations.

Speed Dating for Your Sweet Tooth
Love, Sex, Life. 04/08/2009.
Get sweet on someone or something at Ethel's Chocolate Lounge.

Easter Dessert Recipes
Dining Guides. 03/27/2009.
Check out these favorite holiday recipes from local pastry chefs.

Eat Your Words
Foodie Happenings. 03/22/2009.
It's not an April Fool's joke; you really can consume the creations at the Edible Books Festival.

St. Patrick's Day Parades
Chicago Guides. 03/09/2009.
Grab your green hat and hit these St. Patrick's Day parades in the city and the 'burbs.

Where to Eat During Restaurant Week
Dining Guides. 02/20/2009.
An extra week means more meals to try.

Movin' Out is Movin' In
Reviews: Limited Runs. 02/17/2009.
Billy Joel's hit musical makes a stop at the Rosemont Theatre this weekend.

Chicago Florists
Stay out of the doghouse on Valentine's Day with a bouquet from one of these local flower shops.

Single in the City
Nightlife Guides. 02/13/2009.
You don't need to believe in love to fall for these Valentine-inspired events.

Books and Belgian Brews
Lit Happenings. 02/10/2009.
Celebrate the start of AWP with the monthly Bookslut reading series at Hopleaf.

Snow Days Chicago
Head over to Grant Park this week for snow sculptures, dog-sled racing and snowboard demos.

Hipster Lovin'
Love, Sex, Life. 02/06/2009.
Check out these hip haunts where the music is lo-fi, the bartenders wear more ink than clothing and beers are still (somewhat) cheap.

Now Playing: Soup and Bread
Foodie Happenings. 02/03/2009.
Swing by the Hideout for free soup on Wednesday nights.

Gluten-Free Goodies
Dining Guides. 01/23/2009.
These Chicago-area spots go against the grain by providing gluten-free fare.

StreetWise Goes Glossy
Lit Happenings. 01/21/2009.
Chicago's infamous street paper gets a full-color makeover.

Geek Love
Love, Sex, Life. 01/19/2009.
Check out Nerds at Heart for a chance to meet local smart, savvy singles.

Dude, Where's My Beer?
Nightlife Guides. 01/16/2009.
Local "Beer Dude" Phil Kuhl gives us the lowdown on Sheffield's Beer School.

Super Bowling
Escape the cold by rolling into one of Chicago's finest bowling alleys.

Orange You Excited?
Foodie Happenings. 01/05/2009.
Sola chef Carol Wallack offers a citrus-inspired prix-fixe menu in January.

Sculptures in Suburbia
Art Guides. 01/01/2009.
You already know where to find art in the city; it's time to venture to Skokie for a creative fix.

Text Support
Literature Guides. 01/01/2009.
Whether you're in school or not, these tome-filled shops will make you want to hit the books.

Inaugurate Good Times
Chicago Happenings. 12/29/2008.
You don't need to be in D.C. to celebrate Obama's big day.

Eccentric Exhibits
Chicago Guides. 12/29/2008.
Get to the Museum of Holography while you still can!

May We Mention a Mansion?
Take A Tour. 12/23/2008.
Travel back to 19th-Century Chicago with a visit to the Richard H. Driehaus Museum.

Fancy Foodstuffs
Skip the trip to Whole Foods and head to these local grocers instead.

Marcus Samuelsson
The man behind C-House has a lot on his plate, but he still likes to peel carrots.

Holiday Cocktails
Nightlife Guides. 12/12/2008.
Take a break from shopping to enjoy one of these comforting concoctions.

You Don't Need a Golden Ticket
Dining Guides. 12/05/2008.
Take a self-guided chocolate tour through Chicago's sweetest spots.

Shop Like You're One of a Kind
On The Scene. 12/02/2008.
Skip that holiday shopping trip to the mall and head over to the Merchandise Mart for an eclectic mix of artful gifts.

Kid-Friendly Feasts
Dining Guides. 11/28/2008.
Give the leftovers a rest and feed the family at one of these Chicago restaurants.

Savoring Chicago's South Side
Dining Guides. 11/24/2008.
Spend a day filling up on soulful selections down south.

Cabaret Makes a Comeback
Nightlife Guides. 11/13/2008.
Classic cabaret meets modern-day Chicago.

Chicago's Culinary Queens
Dining Guides. 11/12/2008.
The city's top female chefs redefine a woman's place in the kitchen.

Uni in Abundance
Dining Guides. 10/29/2008.
From shooters to sushi rolls, these restaurants serve sea urchin up right.

Meals Near Midway
Dining Guides. 10/28/2008.
You don't need to book a flight to eat at these destinations.

Red Leaves, Red Wine
Sip on one of these autumn blends as you watch the leaves change.

Twisted Treats
Dining Guides. 10/22/2008.
Don't read this article if you're watching your sodium intake.

Eat, Drink and Donate
Dining Guides. 10/07/2008.
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; you can participate by dining at one of these local restaurants.

Drink Before You Eat
Nightlife Guides. 09/19/2008.
Skip the apps and take a sip of these pre-dinner concoctions...your food will taste that much better.

Close-to-Campus Breakfasts
Dining Guides. 09/15/2008.
We've found the best breakfast spots near campus, now all you have to do is roll out of bed and cross the street.

Chicago's Cocktail Geeks
Nightlife Happenings. 09/12/2008.
What do Chicago's top bartenders do on their days off? Compete against each other, of course.

Totally Tiki
Nightclubbing. 09/04/2008.
Head over to one of these rum-saturated spots for a taste of the tropics.

Extend an Olive Branch
Dining Guides. 09/03/2008.
Make peace with one of these olive-inspired dishes.

A Noble Ride Around the City
Untrapping Tourism. 09/02/2008.
Brave it alone on one of Chicago's Noble Horse carriage rides.

Prix-Fixe for Penny Pinchers
Dining Guides. 08/29/2008.
Have a multi-course dinner without breaking the bank at one of these neighborhood restaurants.

Early Bird Catches the Deals
Dining Guides. 08/25/2008.
Getting up at the crack of dawn really does pay off!

Cocktails for Carnivores
Nightlife Guides. 08/18/2008.
Ham and cheese is no longer just for eating; try one of these meaty concoctions for a true liquid lunch.

Eight Arms to Feed You
Dining Guides. 08/07/2008.
Whether it's an appetizer, salad or main course, the variety of ways an octopus can be prepared outnumbers its plentiful arms.

It's an Age Thing
Nightlife Guides. 08/05/2008.
Like a fine wine, these barrel-aged beers have been fermented to an oaky perfection.

Take the Red Line to Chinatown
Chicago Guides. 07/31/2008.
A quick train ride to Chicago's Chinatown is a must for epicures and adventurous types.

Berries in Bloom
Dining Guides. 07/17/2008.
Sleep in and skip the berry pickin', these restaurants have done all the work for you.

Michigan's Mini-Metropolis
Day Tripping. 07/08/2008.
Spend a weekend in Grand Rapids and you'll see that western Michigan is more than just cornfields and churches.

Know Your Whites
Nightlife Guides. 07/07/2008.
Get the lowdown on Chicago's egg cocktails and enjoy a frothy tipple at one of these upscale bars.

Sweet Sips of Liberty
Nightlife Guides. 07/04/2008.
Pledge your allegiance to these Americana cocktails while you celebrate another year of Independence.

The World in a Cup (o' Joe)
Dining Guides. 07/01/2008.
Put down the Starbucks and pick up one of these regional coffee concoctions.

Master Shakers
Nightlife Guides. 06/17/2008.
A bar is only as good as the mixologist behind it, and these local spots are home to some of the best in the city.

Cruising the Chicago River
Untrapping Tourism. 06/03/2008.
The city's best view can be found from the water.

Brain Freeze
Nightlife Guides. 06/02/2008.
Evoke the summers of your youth with one of these blended beach-inspired drinks.

Get Schooled in Shochu
Nightlife Guides. 05/23/2008.
Chicagoans looking for something new to pair with their sashimi will love these shochu cocktails.

Drinkable Desserts
Nightlife Guides. 05/05/2008.
Skip the cake and head straight for these sugar-shackled dessert drinks.

The View from Floor 103
Untrapping Tourism. 04/29/2008.
Strap on your fanny-pack and take on the Sears Tower like a tourist.

Kosher Kitchens
Dining Guides. 04/21/2008.
Once you've had your fill of matzoh, head to these kosher spots for a rising good time.

Absinthe in Body, Present in Spirit
Nightlife Guides. 04/14/2008.
Now that the Green Fairy is legal, local bartenders are using it to shake up some devilish little drinks.

Venues Reviewed by Stacy

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